Cochrane Style Manual
Revising the manual

The Cochrane Style Manual is revised in response to changes within Cochrane or to incorporate new standards. The manual may also be revised in response to suggestions from users or from the Cochrane Style Manual Working Group. Major changes are recorded on the Latest changes page. A log of changes made between 2010 (version 4.1 of the Cochrane Style Guide) and July 2016 (when the Cochrane Style Manual was released in this format) is available at What's new.

Suggestions for additions, clarifications or other improvements should be submitted via Cochrane Ideas. Cochrane Ideas is a tool for collecting and prioritizing feedback from Cochrane contributors. Users can post issues or suggestions, and others can vote and comment on these suggestions. On Cochrane Ideas there is a dedicated forum for the Cochrane Style Manual.

Once an idea is submitted, it will be visible immediately to other users of the forum, who may vote on the idea. All ideas are reviewed soon after submission and contributors may be asked for clarification.

Some suggestions will be implemented quickly, whereas others may need further discussion by the Cochrane Style Manual Working Group or input from subject specialists. Ideas that have merit, but are not seen as priorities, may be left to gather more votes.