Professional Development and Training

For professional development and training opportunities, try these resources.

CIS handbook

CIS handbook (Chapter 10) - information on professional development.

CIS Job Description

CIS job description -  a sample job description, intended as a template to be edited to meet your Group’s requirements.

CIS Support Team
CIS Support provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to all Cochrane Information Specialist (CISs) in all aspects of their role within a Cochrane Review Group.

Cochrane training

The Cochrane Training website includes online learning modules, webinars, presentations and other Cochrane Information Specialist-relevant training materials.

CIS training

Text Mining - Webinar Series (requires a login)
In 2016, the Cochrane Information Specialists' Support Team commissioned Julie Glanville, Associate Director, York Health Economics Consortium to deliver four webinars for Cochrane Information Specialists, focusing on practical applications of text mining tools.

CRS Web training - webinars, videos and PDF quick guides.