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    The Cochrane Information Specialists' (CIS) Executive welcomes your feedback on any and all issues related to the performance of your role as a Cochrane Information Specialist, as well as on any aspect of the functioning of the Executive.
    Send your comments, questions or concerns to the Cochrane Information Specialists' Executive
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  • Meeting and Minutes
    Agendas and minutes from past Cochrane Information Specialists' and Information Specialists' Executive meetings are available in Archie under the "Files" sub-folder of the "Information Specialists' Forum" folder.
  • Workplan
    Information Specialists' Executive workplans are available in in Archie under the "Files" sub-folder of the "Information Specialists' Forum" folder.

Information Specialist job description

RevMan5 export filter
Graham Chan has made available this EndNote output style for exporting references from EndNote into RevMan.

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