Cochrane Classmate trainer's toolkit

Cochrane Classmate is an innovative online tool developed by the team behind Cochrane Crowd. Trainers can use Cochrane Classmate to create exciting activities for learning about evidence synthesis. The tool allows you to create rewarding ‘learning by doing’ classroom activities by customising tasks from the Cochrane Crowd platform to use with their students.

Learners will improve their research and information skills by carrying out practical tasks in identifying and classifying clinical trials and studies. 

Cochrane Classmate


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Cochrane Classmate webinar (7 November 2017)

One of the great strengths of Cochrane Classmate is the flexibility to create learning that is customised to the needs and interests of particular groups of learners. For example: a class of dementia clinicians wants to learn about evidence synthesis. Cochrane Classmate allows trainers to build learning exercises to screen studies specifically about dementia, giving students a chance to learn more about screening and study design, as well as being informed about the latest evidence.

For new healthcare students learning the basics of evidence-based practice, Cochrane Classmate supports creating tasks at an introductory level and provides metrics on performance. 

For learners at all levels, Cochrane Classmate can create games with rewards, incentives, mini challenges, or competitions. Using Cochrane Classmate also makes a real-life contribution to helping reduce the information overload, because all tasks will contribute to building and enhancing the CENTRAL database, a vital resource for smarter and more streamlined reviewing. All tasks performed through the Cochrane Classmate route will be subject to ongoing evaluation by the project team to ensure quality is not compromised.

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