Mark Wilson - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, I work with the Cochrane Governing Board (formerly the Steering Group) in developing the organization’s strategic goals and objectives contained in our Strategy to 2020. I am responsible for the effective running of Cochrane so that the organization achieves these goals and objectives, leading a Central Executive Team and our network of more than 150 Cochrane Groups around the world.


Lucie Binder - Head of Governance and Strategy

My job is to lead Cochrane’s governance support, strategic planning, and organisational monitoring, evaluation and reporting functions; developing and implementing strategies, policies and systems to ensure that these are provided in an effective and efficient manner to support the strategic aims and operational activities of the organization.


Lorna McAlley - Executive Assistant to the CEO

I am responsible for providing efficient and responsive administrative, organisational, and logistical support service to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


Veronica Bonfigli - Governance Officer

I am responsible for supporting the Head of Governance and Strategy in leading the development and management of the governance arrangements for Cochrane, reviewing developments to ensure they comply with the principles of best practice on charity governance.

I support the appropriate operation of Cochrane’s Governing Board and its sub-committees, and the Cochrane Council, helping to ensure that the conduct of meetings is in accordance with good governance principles.

I provide a comprehensive support to the governance functions of the Central Executive Team and to the effective governance of Cochrane Groups by co-ordinating the formal process of Group registration.


Sylvia de Haan - Head of External Affairs & Geographic Groups' Support

My work with Cochrane evolves around supporting and facilitating the work of Cochrane’s Geographically oriented Groups, developing and maintaining strategic external partnerships, support to organizational level fundraising, as well as other external affairs (such as developing Cochrane responses to debates critical to Cochrane, and ensuring representation at key events). I also support the implementation of Cochrane’s knowledge translation (KT) strategy – mainly focusing on the prioritization & co-production and the exchange themes of the strategy. Through the KT part of my work I aim to facilitate partnership development and prioritization at Cochrane Group level – aiming to support Groups in becoming responsive to external partner needs. I have a background in health science, public health and international health, and spend the largest part of my career on work with low and middle income countries in strengthening their health research systems.


Kathelene Weiss - Development Co-ordinator

I am a fundraising professional with more than 15 years expertise in both the UK and USA in generating revenue and developing new income sources. I am an articulate and persuasive relationship and stakeholder manager who has excelled at building sustainable partnerships between businesses, the education sector, government, private individuals and the cultural and charitable sectors. I bring with me over 10 years in senior roles and a true passion for the fundraising profession. Recent roles have included Director of Development for COHRED, a Geneva based NGO that works to build research capacity in low and middle income countries, and Director of Oxford Inspires, the cultural development agency in Oxfordshire, UK.


Jennifer Dawson - Wikipedia Consultant for Cochrane

As a Wikipedia consultant for Cochrane, my role includes maintaining and building further relations with Wikipedia and the Wikiproject Medicine Foundation, supporting requests for engagement in Wikipedia work from the Cochrane community, and evaluating ways in which the Cochrane-Wikipedia work can be made sustainable.

Sharing evidence on Wikipedia has the potential to reach a large number of people around the world. I enjoy working closely with the Cochrane community to improve Wikipedia articles using Cochrane evidence and ensure that the health-related information available on Wikipedia is unbiased and of high quality.


Emma Thompson - Advocacy and Partnership Officer

My role is to develop and support advocacy work within Cochrane, at local and global levels, as well as to facilitate Cochrane’s strategic partnerships. I have a background of communication, advocacy and partnership development roles for European health and environment charities. I am keen to work with many people across the Cochrane community and external partners to develop consistent and strong advocacy messages – please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.


Tiffany Duque - Cochrane US Network Coordinator

My role with Cochrane involves facilitating the development and growth of the US Network to define common priorities, goals, strategies, and action plans among its members. My professional experience in global and US research and public health lends to my work an understanding of the US health and research arenas, as well as program management and partnership coordination among diverse stakeholders.
I work with members of US Network and the Central Executive Team to inform and prioritize efforts, aiming to contribute to Cochrane’s mission and strengthen evidence-informed public health and health care within the US. Integral functions of my role include facilitating priority setting and operations to achieve strategic objectives; coordinating partnership development and funding opportunities; promoting and managing membership; facilitating communication and planning events among network members; and supporting network governance and operations.