Development Directorate

Director of Development: Gavin Adams

Development Team Assistant: Lydia Parsonson

Advocacy, Communications and Partnerships

Head of Communications: Harry Dayantis

Communications Manager: Vacant

External Communications and Media Officer: Vacant

Communications and Engagement Officer: Muriah Umoquit

Advocacy and Partnerships Manager: Emma Thompson

Web Operations Manager: Paolo Rosati

Senior Software Engineer: Martin Janczyk


[Roles to be recruited for in 2022/23 and decided by Director]

Engagement, Learning and Support

Head of Engagement, Learning and Support: Chris Champion

Senior Learning Content Officer: Dario Sambunjak

Learning & Support Officer: Ruth Turley

Learning Content and Systems Officer: Oliver Willis

Membership and Volunteering Manager: Ann Shackleton

Cochrane Support Manager: Rachel Klabunde

Cochrane Support Officers: Diane Gal, Eva Krainitzki, Stephanie Owens, Tom Patterson, Veronique Sapet and Laura Wilson

Consumer Engagement Officer: Richard Morley

Senior Geographic Support Officer: Tiffany Gust Duque

Events Support Officer: Sabrina Khamissa

Multi-language Programme Manager: Judith Deppe

Publishing Systems Support Specialist: Alice Mercanti

Consultant: Ana Pizarro

Cochrane Response

Senior Systematic Reviewers: Gemma Villanueva and Nicholas Henschke

Systematic Reviewers: Elise Cogo, Hanna Bergman, Jennifer Petkovic, Katrin Probyn, Meghan Sebastianski and Yanina Sguassero