Karla Soares-Weiser - Editor in Chief, Cochrane Library

Karla is responsible for ensuring that the Cochrane Library meets its strategic goals: that the quality is of high quality and relevant to the needs of stakeholders. She also has responsibility for working with Cochrane’s publishers and others to ensure that the presentation and delivery of Cochrane content is optimal – and that it is accessible to and actionable by decision makers. Finally, she shares responsibility for ensuring that product is sustainable, and that Cochrane develops its methods appropriately, and that review authors, editorial teams and the methods community are all supported in helping to deliver high quality, high impact products and services.

Email: ksoares-weiser@cochrane.org

Editorial Policy & Publication

The Editorial Policy and Publication Unit’s remit includes editorial policies, editorial and publication management systems, Cochrane Library publication developments, and copy-editing for Cochrane publications. While we have no changes in our team, we have reviewed the team roles and job titles as follows:

Harriet MacLehose - Senior Editor, Publishing Strategy

Harriet leads the Editorial Policy and Publication Unit and supports the work of the Editor in Chief and the work of the Editorial and Methods Department to ensure that The Cochrane Library meets the needs of users and reflects the commitment of editorial teams and authors. She also oversees editorial and publishing policy development.

Email: hmaclehose@cochrane.org

John Hilton - Senior Editor, Publishing Operations

John oversees the editorial management and publication of Editorials, Comments, and EMD content on the Cochrane Library, and contributes to the ongoing product and related editorial developments of the Cochrane Library. John also oversees the strategic development of Cochrane’s copy-editing service and related Cochrane Style Manual.

Email: jhilton@cochrane.org

Monaz Mehta – Editor, Knowledge Translation

Monaz manages the development and publication of content related to the dissemination and use of Cochrane articles, including Special Collections, Cochrane Review related content (including Podcasts and Journal Club), and Cochrane Library browse. Monaz works closely with the Knowledge Translation (KT) Department.

Email: mmehta@cochrane.org

Elizabeth Royle - Copy-editing Manager

Elizabeth manages the copy-editing of Cochrane Reviews and Protocols, including managing a team of freelance copy-editors, and ensuring a timely and high-quality copy-editing service for CRGs. Elizabeth also develops the Cochrane Style Manual, provides advice on other copy-editing activities, and takes part in related strategic initiatives.

The Copy-editing Manager reports to John Hilton (Editor, Digital Publishing).

Email: eroyle@cochrane.org

Review Methods & Quality

The Review Methods & Quality Unit’s mission is to support the CRG Networks in review production, thereby ensuring high quality, high impact reviews that are produced through timely editorial publication processes and guided by a prioritisation of topics of interest to our stakeholders. Our team supports implementation of the CRG Transformation Programme, Fast-Track Services and provides methodological support for the Networks and CRGs.

Helen Wakeford - Fast Track Managing Editor

As Managing Editor of Cochrane's Fast-Track Service, Helen supports the efficient and timely publication of high-quality, high-impact systematic reviews. She contributes to the strategic development of the service, and manages the editorial process from assessment of submitted reviews through to publication.

Email: hwakeford@cochrane.org

Senior Editor - Methods (TBA)

Kerry Dwan - Statistical Editor

Kerry provides statistical advice on the work of the Associate Editors and CRGs more generally. She delivers training on common statistical errors and she works with the Statistical Methods Group on developing guidance relating to the implementation of statistical methods in Cochrane Reviews.

Email: kdwan@cochrane.org

Network Senior Editors:
Lisa Bero, Robert Boyle, Michael Brown, Chris Eccleston, Cindy Farquhar, Nicole Skoetz and Peter Tugwell

The Senior Editors work with the eight Cochrane Networks to help overcome the challenges that Cochrane faces in review production, thereby ensuring high quality reviews that are produced through timely editorial publication processes and guided by a prioritisation of topics of interest to stakeholders. Each Senior Editor is responsible for implementing the Network Strategic plan, with a particular emphasis on supporting review production and capacity, evaluating Network scope and prioritisation of topics, fostering collaboration within the Network and with the wider Cochrane community, supporting knowledge translation to increase the impact of Cochrane reviews, and ensuring accountability and sustainability of the Network.

  • Lisa Bero: Public Health and Health Systems Network
  • Robert Boyle: Children and Families Network
  • Michael Brown: Acute and Emergency Care Network
  • Chris Eccleston: Mental Health and Neuroscience Network
  • Cindy Farquhar: Abdomen and Endocrine Network
  • Michael Brown: Circulation and Breathing Network
  • Nicole Skoetz: Cancer Network
  • Peter Tugwell: Musculoskeletal, Oral, Skin and Sensory Network

Network Associate Editors:
Liz Bickerdike, Sarah Hodgkinson, Nuala Livingstone, Newton Opiyo

The Associate Editors work with the eight Cochrane Senior Editors to develop and support processes for quality assuring Cochrane Reviews, with a particular emphasis of put processes and activities in place to ensure the development of high quality reviews in a timely manner, consistent and improved editorial processes, and to identify capacity-building needs and opportunities to accomplish those tasks. They also help the Senior Editors to support prioritisation activities, and integrate knowledge translation and dissemination activities and ensuring access in appropriate formats for key stakeholders.

  • Liz Bickerdike: Acute and Emergency Care Network; Abdomen and Endocrine Network
    Email: lbickerdike@cochrane.org
  • Sarah Hodgkinson: Children and Families Network; Circulation and Breathing Network
    Email: shodgkinson@cochrane.org
  • Nuala Livingstone: Mental Health and Neuroscience Network; Musculoskeletal, Oral, Skin and Sensory Network
    Email: nlivingstone@cochrane.org
  • Newton Opiyo: Cancer Network; Public Health and Health Systems Network
    Email: nopiyo@cochrane.org

Editor in Chief's Unit

The Editor in Chief’s Unit is responsible for overseeing operations across the Editorial and Methods Department. Our team also manages specific workstreams including the Cochrane Priority Review List, the Cochrane Review Support Programme, Cochrane Information Specialist Support and Cochrane Clinical Answers; and provides project management services to other EMD units.

Toby Lasserson– Deputy Editor in Chief

Toby works closely with the Editor in Chief to deliver the objectives and targets of the Cochrane’s Editorial and Methods Department. Toby supports the Editor in Chief by leading our global review production operations and helps to implement our goal of offering high-quality, relevant, up-to-date systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence that informs health decision-making around the world. Toby also supports the strategic and editorial development of the Cochrane Library according to user needs, and ensures the Library remains a premier international source of healthcare evidence. Toby works closely with and supports the Cochrane Review Groups . 

Nazia Afzal - Personal Assistant to the Editor in Chief

Nazia provides administrative, organisational, and logistical service to the Editor in Chief and Editorial and Methods Department (EMD) leadership team, helping them to manage and prioritise their time and to support the strategic aims and operational activities of the department.

Email: nafzal@cochrane.org 

Ruth Foxlee - Senior Programme Manager

Ruth oversees key projects related to EMD targets, line manages the EiC Office team and works to ensure co-ordination of projects and work programmes across all the EMD units. She provides operational input and intelligence to the Editor in Chief.  She also supports the Editor in Chief in preparing and managing budgets, and ensure close joint working between EMD teams and other stakeholders, including the other CET departments.

Email: rfoxlee@cochrane.org

Kit Gilchrist – Editorial and Communications Officer

Kit works with the Editor in Chief to support internal and external communications. His mandate includes preparing documents for the Editorial and Methods Department, increasing the profile of the Cochrane Library, coordinating communication activities on behalf of the Cochrane Review Group (CRG) Networks and supporting the dissemination of high-profile Cochrane Reviews.

Email: kgilchrist@cochrane.org

Ella Flemyng - Methods Implementation Co-ordinator

Ella provides strategic support to facilitate methods activities and infrastructural support to the Cochrane methods community and its representative groups, including the Methods Executive and Scientific Committee. Ella manages methods-related projects that include strategies, policies and processes to advance and implement methodological developments to improve the quality of Cochrane Reviews.

Froeks Kamminga - Methods Liaison Officer

Froeks provides part-time support to the Methods Implementation Co-ordinator. She is the first point of contact for Methods Groups and any external methods-related enquiries.  She develops and maintains the Cochrane Methods website and MECIR online; produces the Cochrane Methods Annual Report; manages the Strategic Methods Fund; organizes methods training events and annual methods symposia; and facilitates communication with the Cochrane Scientific Committee and the Methods Executive.

Email: fkamminga@cochrane.org

Sera Tort - Clinical Editor

Sera leads the Cochrane team preparing Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs). Sera is involved in all the stages of CCA production and publication, communication with associate editors and clinical advisors, and promotion of CCAs in webinars and workshops. Sera also works on a feasibility study to support authors from Iberoamerica to improve the quality of their reviews at any stage of the editorial process and ensure publication in the Cochrane Library.

Email: stort@cochrane.org

Jane Burch - Editor

Jane assists the Cochrane team preparing Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs). Jane is involved in all the stages of CCA production and publication, communication with associate editors and clinical advisors, and promotion of CCAs in webinars and workshops.

Email: jburch@cochrane.org

Graham Smith - Project Manager

Graham supports the Cochrane Library Product Manager on the implementation of the Cochrane Library product development roadmap.  He is responsible for providing project management services to the highest priority EMD projects by developing an agreed framework for management and reporting, and supporting colleagues to manage their projects efficiently and transparently.

Email: gsmith@cochrane.org

Maria Gerardi - Project Support Officer

Maria provides project support to the EMD Team, particularly to the Editor in Chief in relation to the CRG Transformation Programme. She also supports Cochrane’s Funding Arbiters, manages case referrals and is the first point of contact for all enquiries.

Email: mgerardi@cochrane.org

Emma Thomas - EMD Administration Assistant

Emma supports the EMD Administrative Officer. She works with the EMD Senior Editors and also supports the CRG Network Senior Editors and Associate Editors.

Email: ethomas@cochrane.org

Robin Featherstone - Information Specialist

Robin has a key role in the development of the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials and the Cochrane Library search features and leads the Cochrane Library Search Testing Group. She also works on PICO annotation and the Linked Data Project, the Centralised Search Service and the Cochrane Register of Studies. She provides information retrieval advice and services to the Central Executive Team (CET) and is a member of the Cochrane Information Specialist (CIS) Support Team.

Email: rfeatherstone@cochrane.org