Evidence Production & Methods Directorate

Editor in Chief: Karla Soares-Weiser

Methods & Evidence Synthesis Development

Head of Methods & Evidence Synthesis and Deputy Editor in Chief: Toby Lasserson

Methods Implementation Manager: Ella Flemyng

Methods Support Lead: Kerry Dwan

Evidence Synthesis Methodology Editor: TBC

Statistical Editor: Andrew Back

Evidence Synthesis Development Editors: TBC


Head of Editorial: Rachel Marshall

Executive Editor: Helen Wakeford

Managing Editors: Anne-Marie Stephani, Colleen Ovelman, Joey Kwong and Lara Kahale

Quality Assurance Editors: TBC

Information Specialist: Robin Featherstone

Assistant Editor: Justin Mann

Editorial Assistant: Leticia Rodrigues, Lisa Wydrzynski

Content Publication & Policies

Head of Content Publication and Policies: John Hilton

Assistant Editor: Christine Schorfheide

Senior Research Integrity Editor: Lisa Bero

Research Integrity Editor: Stephanie Boughton

Copy Editing Manager: Elizabeth Royle

Senior Copy Editor: Denise Mitchell

Cochrane Clinical Answers Editor in Chief: Christopher Bunt

Cochrane Clinical Answers Senior Editor: Sera Tort

Cochrane Clinical Answers Editor: Vacant

Editorial Board

Personal Assistant: Nazia Afzal

Future of Evidence Synthesis Change Management

Head of Change Management: Ruth Foxlee

Systems and Product Development Editor: Vacant