Informatics and Technology Services Department: 2021 activities

IT Services Projects

  • Editorial Management and Production Systems
    Work to support the implementation and rollout of Editorial Manager including:
    • Technology implementation
    • Production improvements
    • Rollout
  • Cochrane Reviews and Cochrane Library: Next generation
    A new, 5-year programme of work kicking off in 2021 with key, ITS-led projects including:
    • Study-Centric data in RevMan Web
    • PICO Surveillance in CRS Web and The Cochrane Library
    • PICO Search features on The Cochrane Library
    • Planning retirement of RevMan 5
  • Websites migration to Drupal 8
    We need to upgrade to a new version of the content management system that powers all Cochrane websites in 2021.
  • Task Exchange rebuild
    A rebuild of the Task Exchange platform to a different underlying technology stack.
  • COVID-19 Study Register
    Work to support Cochrane’s ongoing COVID-19 response including grant-funded projects:
    • German COVID-19 Grant (CEOSys)
    • Innovate UK Grant on COVID-19 Study Register enhancements

Business as usual

  • RevMan Web development
    Further development of RevMan Web based on prioritized roadmap
  • CRS Web Development
    Further development of the CRS Web tool based on prioritized roadmap
  • Archie development and maintenance
    Further development and maintenance of Archie to support existing systems, in particular the EMS rollout and transition away form Archie editorial workflows
  • Websites development, support, maintenance
  • PICO annotation
    To support PICO search beta development on The Cochrane Library
  • Evidence Pipeline: Centralized Search Service, Crowd, Machine learning
    To support PICO surveillance work mentioned above as well as core Evidence Pipeline
  • CET IT Operations
    Supporting CET staff with IT they need to do their day-to-day jobs including Office365, Dropbox, Slack, and other tools and services
  • IT Infrastructure: Servers, monitoring tools, and other components
  • Maintenance of all other tools (Crowd, Pipeline, Task Exchange, others)
  • Fundraising and innovation