Chris Mavergames - Head of Informatics & Technology (IT) Services

My job is to provide vision and leadership for Cochrane’s informatics, technology, and knowledge management functions: encouraging and inspiring innovation, and developing and overseeing the enterprise information architecture and overall information and data strategies of the organisation in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective and that it aligns with the business goals, the strategic aims, and the operational activities of the organisation.

I’m responsible for managing a department with teams and staff based in six countries managing software, systems, tools, and websites for both the Central Executive Team (CET) and the organisation worldwide. I oversee these systems with an eye on “business performance” and maximising return on investment and maximising their impact on commercialisation plans lead by Cochrane Innovations. I serve on the Senior Management Team, the Publishing Management Team and work closely with others across the CET to manage our relationship with our publisher, Wiley, including aligning our technology platforms. In addition, I advise the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, the Senior Management Team, and the Steering Group on relevant issues, strategies, and trends in the IT and knowledge management industry. In addition, I oversee the wider “ecosystem” for review production including our relationships with partners like Covidence, EPPI-Reviewer and serve on the Project Transform Executive and co-lead two projects within that programme of work.


Linked Data Team

Carol Friesen - Metadata Specialist

Carol works alongside her IT Services colleagues to annotate systematic reviews and studies using the PICO annotator and other tools within the PICO framework. Carol also works with Deirdre Beecher (Senior Metadata Specialist) to support Cochrane Information Specialists, working closely with them to annotate their Group’s reviews.


Deirdre Beecher - Senior Metadata Specialist

As senior metadata specialist I lead a group of annotators, liaise with Quality Assurance (QA) Information Specialists,  and together we work on the semantic annotation of Cochrane reviews with the PICO framework.
I also engage and liaise with the Cochrane Information Specialists community who are essential to the development of procedures for specific domains. Together with our PICO annotation team, I advise on features for our toolset and develop annotation guidance documentation.


Lorne Becker - Consultant on Linked Data Project

An external consultant, who supports IT Services with the Linked Data project.


Review Production Team

Gert van Valkenhoef - IT Development Manager

My job is to provide technical leadership for Cochrane's internal and external IT projects. This includes monitoring the overall architecture to identify risks and opportunities, documenting how everything fits together in the Cochrane ecosystem, and helping to design or re-design systems to better align with Cochrane's needs and goals. I oversee the internal and external software development and operations, and report to the head of department on their progress.


Federico Conte - Junior Software Developer

I am a new member of the Review Production Team, and I will primarily work on RevMan Web and Archie development. I have a bachelor's and a master's degree in Computer Science and have worked for one year in a financial IT company. I hope that with my knowledge I will be able to help the team as best I can.


Ida Wedel-Heinen -  Quality Assurance Lead

I am team member on the software development team called Review Production Team in IT Services. We develop new tools and improve and provide second line support to existing tools. The team works according to agile principles and have adopted the SCRUM method. I mainly perform test in the team.
Furthermore, I am team lead for the QA team, which includes the Scrum Master and the Product Owner for RevMan Web. My main objective is to facilitate the process of converting ideas and wishes into actual, functional software available for the users, with a product quality that lives up to Cochrane's statement on "Trusted Evidence".


Jan Hornbøll Hansen - Software Developer

I have been working on design, development and maintenance of Cochrane's bespoke systems for review production and translation. Due to my experience with software development from other industries I have also helped implementing more agile development processes as well as adoption of tools supporting agile software development.


Luise Ravnskjær - Java Developer

My job is to develop and maintain software for Cochrane and to build up a test automation environment guided by clean code and software craftsmanship practices.
I will also play a key role in implementing agile processes. I have been working with software development and agile for 10+ years in various domains and programming languages.


Olga Ahtirschi - Scrum Master and Quality Assurance Specialist

The Scrum Master does anything possible to help the team perform at their highest level. This involves removing any impediments to progress, facilitating meetings, particularly retrospectives, and working with the product owner(s) to make sure the product backlog(s) are in good shape and ready for the next sprint.
The Quality Assurance Specialist is a team member in the Review Production Scrum Team and contributes primarily to preparation of testable acceptance criteria, grooming meetings, and manual and automatic tests.
Many thanks in advance.


Rasmus Moustgaard - Senior System Architect

My job is to develop software for Cochrane, and I take part in both planning and programming work. I was the only developer of RevMan until around 2010, and then I worked mostly on Archie and related projects for a number of years. Now I have returned to RevMan with the major project of moving RevMan into a web browser (RevMan Web). When I don't program I participate in meetings and discussions between CEU, Wiley, Metaxis, Covidence and others about the implementation of new projects.


Rebecka Hall – Product Owner of RevMan

My job is to act as the node where needs from authors and the Cochrane community, meets the technical experience and innovation of the Review Production Team. The goal is to build software that truly supports authors in the review writing process and correlates with Cochrane's strategy. We achieve this by evaluating value and effort for every feature, releasing frequently and bringing our users into the development loop.
If you have an idea or suggestion related to RevMan Web, I am the person to go to.


System Administration

Daniel Prada – Junior Systems Administrator

My job is to help to support the smooth running of Cochrane’s systems and IT infrastructure managed by IT Services. This includes managing and maintaining computers, servers, software and network services; providing IT support to Cochrane Central Executive, including  investigating and troubleshooting issues efficiently and communicating technical information where required in an accessible way to non-technical people.


David Lefebvre

An external consultant, who provides technical and IT support to the Central Executive Team.


Javier Mayoral - Senior Systems Administrator

My job is to supervise the smooth running of Cochrane IT Operations, systems and infrastructure including all our servers, computers and related software, maximizing uptime and availability, and advising the Informatics & Technology (IT) Services staff on best practice to ensure robustness of our systems. I provide Cochrane relevant data upon request for Cochrane and non-Cochrane staff. In addition, I am responsible for IT support and provision for the Cochrane Central Executive Team.


Web Team

Daan Wilmer - Web Developer

My job is on the development and maintenance of the Cochrane websites (except the review production websites and Cochrane Account, which are managed by the Review Production Team), together with Martin Janczyk. My focus is on Event Manager (the Colloquia websites and app) and the Community website, but I can work with all our websites.

While keeping the websites safe and running is the most important part, the largest part of my work consists of updating existing functionality and developing new functionality according to the needs and expectations of the teams in the CET that use our websites, so mainly the KT and MLSS departments.


Martin Janczyk - Senior Web Developer

My job is, together with Daan Wilmer, to develop and maintain around 140+ Cochrane websites. I make sure those websites stay healthy and responsive and decide on software used on their web servers. My main focus is development of new features on, and


Paolo Rosati - Web Operations Manager

My job is to manage the Web Operations team of the Cochrane IT Services in order to ensure that projects are delivered on-time as per the technical specifications. I also provide support to websites' webmasters and to their users.