Knowledge Translation Department: 2021 activities

KT Projects

  • PLS Project;
  • Implementation of KT Evaluation plan – online resources/tools and templates for Cochrane Groups;
  • Continued Implementation of Multi-lingual Strategy – KT plans with evaluation resources particularly for three priority languages – new agreements and Work Schedules in place for 2021;
  • Dissemination Checklist Implementation – training plan for 2021 – 60 members TBC
  • Mentorship programme – co-hort 2;
  • Implementation of KT online learning Module to build capacity within KT across Cochrane including further development and maintenance of KT resources on Training platform.

KT Business as Usual:

  • Implement an online model for Cochrane Events – a different approach, a reimagining and not just because of continued impact of COVID; supporting the use of influencers to improve and grow Cochrane’s reach and profile. Governance Meetings, 2021, and a wider Cochrane community online gathering in October 2021;
  • External communications/Packaging and Push/Dissemination planning – COVID and non-COVID – create a truly global communications ‘hub’ of Cochrane dissemination champions and support the creation of new and different KT products with influencers. Use third party endorsement more – students, influencers, press officers, dissemination champions – being truly global and diverse. Use them for the Tier One Dissemination planning of high impact reviews as organizational PR is integral to this development;
  • Visual Summaries – do more, involve influencers and newcomers, and a make a plan to make this sustainable.
  • Internal communications across organisation – a focus on the launch of the new strategic Framework and supporting communications for 2021 strategic projects; in addition, engagement with Community/Membership and ‘telling’ the wider world of Cochrane’s vision and promoting our mission. Use video-editing through training to support the packaging and push piece internally and externally.

New activities for 2021

  • Continuation/development of PLS project with recommendations for up-scale – new Review format decision post-May and completion of current 12-month project;
  • Facilitate the use and uptake/implementation of new KT evaluation resources;
  • Coordinate and lead a new-events strategy for Cochrane.

Looking ahead (any activities which will continue/expand after 2021)

  • Future of Cochrane Review Formats – the new phase of the PLS project;
  • A new digital strategy and consolidation of Group websites;
  • Continued implementation of a new Cochrane online/in person Events strategy, as agreed by the Governing Board.