Jo Anthony - Head of Knowledge Translation

My role is to lead the coordination, facilitation and support to Cochrane’s organizational implementation of its new Knowledge Translation (KT) Framework and Strategy, which seek to maximize the dissemination, use and impact of Cochrane evidence. The Head of the Knowledge Translation Department will lead and manage the Central Executive Team’s own KT work, including the production of KT outputs (external and internal communications, dissemination, media outreach, multi-lingual strategies, brand marketing and events); and facilitate and support the development of KT partnerships, ensuring that they are provided in an effective and efficient manner to support Cochrane’s strategic aims and operational activities.

I am passionate about working closely with all Cochrane community colleagues and contributors in leading the coordination, facilitation and central support to delivery of Cochrane’s Knowledge Translation activities and initiatives, ensuring that our wider organization is equipped to communicate with confidence about Cochrane’s vision, mission and the impact our evidence has on health policy and practice.


Muriah Umoquit - Communications and Analytics Officer

I am responsible for facilitating communication between the Central Executive team, Cochrane contributors, and stakeholders. I curate the Cochrane Community and Cochrane Connect newsletters and prepare content for the Cochrane Community and websites, such as news items, Featured Reviews, and blog posts. I manage and monitor Cochrane and Cochrane Library social media accounts. I work with the Knowledge Translation team and our extended Communications Network to carry out coordinated communications campaigns and support Cochrane colleagues in planning and executing effective communications for their initiatives. I also put together the weekly Comms Digest which provides Cochrane groups content to disseminate through their individual newsletters and social media channels. 


Richard Devany – Events and Brand Support Officer

My job is to support Cochrane Groups in hosting events such as the annual Cochrane Colloquium and Governance Meetings. I provide support around event promotion and communication, Cochrane policies and Memorandums of Understanding, Cochrane event management, as well as the event branding. Do contact me if you would like to discuss your event needs.

I also support Cochrane’s brand communication and graphic design needs. Contact me regarding Brand Guidelines and policies, or if you need graphic design support, whether it’s digital or print.


Judith Deppe - Multi-Language Programme Manager.

I’m collaborating with our volunteer teams around the world who translate Cochrane Reviews and other Cochrane content into their local languages. As set out in our translation strategy, we are working to identify and establish sustainable approaches to translation, and we are aiming to provide effective infrastructure and support for many languages, rather than focusing on selected priorities only. I’m working closely with my colleagues in the Knowledge Translation department to also facilitate communication and dissemination activities in different languages, to seek out funding opportunities and to establish partnerships for translations. Overall, we are striving to change the way we operate as an organisation: to acknowledge, integrate and make the most of our multi-lingual nature, in order to become a truly global organisation.


Karen Head - Knowledge Translation Project Manager

I am responsible for the co-ordination and project management of Cochrane’s KT work, including developing and supporting the implementation of Cochrane’s KT framework.  As part of the framework implementation I work across all of the 8 KT community working groups to try to help each working group to meet their project plan.  I also aim to ensure that Cochrane community is regularly updated about the progress of the working groups and that the outputs from each working group are disseminated to the people who need them.
In addition, I work with all members of the KT Department to ensure smooth day-to-day running of the KT operational systems and processes.


Lydia Parsonson - Knowledge Translation Team Co-Ordinator

My job is to support the Knowledge Translations Department. My duties include helping produce the Cochrane Community and Cochrane Connect newsletters, along with assisting preparing news items, blog posts and featured reviews for and Cochrane Community websites and the graphics to go alongside them. I am involved in the organization of the annual Colloquia, working with the Local Organising Committees. I also help the committees manage stipends for Consumers and Developing Countries along with organization of Prize and Awards


Katie Abbotts - External Communications and Media Officer

My focus is to work with all Cochrane Groups, authors and editorial team to disseminate, build profile and increase the coverage and accessibility of Cochrane’s evidence to wide audiences including the general public, health practitioners, partners and policy-makers.

I am also responsible for managing Cochrane’s press office facilitating communication between journalists and Cochrane authors, review groups, centres and the Central Executive Team. We run a 24/7 press office at Cochrane making connections with journalists, news outlets and health and science correspondents and editors across the world. Through a weekly Content and Dissemination meeting, in partnership with the EMD we plan which Cochrane reviews will be supported with centrally resourced dissemination activity. I work closely with authors and CRG's on communications plans and work in partnership with author teams to create effective communications plans for Cochrane’s high-profile reviews. I also prepare content for Cochrane websites such as featured reviews and author interviews.

Email: OR

Stephanie Lagosky - Knowledge Translation Project Officer

I am responsible for supporting the delivery of specific knowledge translation activities and implementation projects, and for assisting my colleagues across Cochrane’s global community by providing training, tools and guidance in order for them to implement their knowledge translation activities and wider strategic plans.  Specifically, I support the ongoing KT Working Groups, CRG Networks and review groups, and Cochrane’s geographic centres and fields.  I also work with Cochrane contributors to identify good knowledge translation practice and to work with them to develop new learning resources (such as webinars, case studies and on-line tools) to be shared across the Cochrane community. 


Rachel Klabunde - Communications Officer

My role is to provide communications support to the Knowledge Translation Department and the wider Cochrane Central Executive Team for key organizational and strategic projects, such as annual strategic targets. I coordinate communications with Cochrane’s CEO and Editor in Chief, ensuring these are disseminated across the wider Cochrane community, as well as managing the Join the Conversation webinar series. I provide support for developing blogs, news, and other communications for the Cochrane Community site and, promoting Cochrane reviews, evidence, and activities.