Cochrane People Services department supports everyone involved in Cochrane, including supporters and members, authors and editors, and Group and CET staff. The People Services team brings together HR professionals, providers of training and learning, and membership and support services.

We want every person who contributes to Cochrane’s success to be trained, supported, and rewarded appropriately so that we can continue to recruit and retain talented people.

We provide outstanding and inclusive learning and support programmes to both Cochrane staff and the wider community. By enhancing the skills, knowledge, and experience of Cochrane’s current and potential members and supporters, we promote high-quality participation in activities supporting the organization’s strategic mission and goals.

What we do: 

  • develop, coordinate and deliver, training and learning programmes tailored to the needs of staff, contributors and the public
  • encourage participation in health evidence through initiatives such as Cochrane TaskExchange and Crowd
  • lead activity with Cochrane Consumers to ensure the voices of patients, carers and family members are heard in all areas of Cochrane’s activity 
  • manage a contribution-based membership system to recognise and reward varied contributions to Cochrane’s work 
  • provide first-class support to Managing Editors, Information Specialists and the wider Community so that people who contact Cochrane – staff, contributors, patients, carers and the general public – always get the help they need.