People Services department: 2021 activities

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  1. Editorial Manager Implementation: Top Priority
    1. One to one support to Managing Editors
    2. Groups Sessions for Managing Editors
    3. Knowledge base development
    4. Sessions for other user types, e.g. Information Specialists, Editors, Co-ordinating Editors
  2. Consumer Engagement
    1. Consumer activities vision for the future
    2. Consumer Peer review implementation work
    3. Evidence Essentials 5
    4. Resources to support consumer involvement in authoring
    5. Monitoring and evaluating impact of work
    6. Support to Consumer Exec and Consumer Network
  3. Human Resources
    1. Wellbeing strategy
    2. Workforce planning development
    3. Central Executive Learning and Development strategy
      1. Developing learning opportunities for Central Executive Team [in collaboration with Learning]
      2. Training linked to appraisals
      3. Further group training on management and other topics
    4. Policy development
      1. Embed new recruitment and induction policies
      2. Revise further policies [policies to be confirmed based on priorities]
    5. Supporting the sustainability review
    6. Continue to develop PeopleHR to add more functionality for staff
  4. Membership
    1. System development
      1. Roll out Sugar Market (new email system) for Digests and all staff and Member communications.
    2. My Account
      1. Create a shareable profile for contributors
      2. Improve Communications tab
    3. TaskExchange
      1. Rebuild in Java [on hold]
      2. Consideration of white label version
      3. Aligning profiles with My Account
    4. Crowd
      1. UK Research and Innovation Grant work
      2. Partner discussions, including European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
    5. Students and Early Career Professionals
      1. Portuguese version of Students for Best Evidence
      2. Early Career Professionals symposium
    6. Diversity
      1. Listening and Learning exercise
    7. Community Long Service
      1. Emeritus and Lifetime Memberships
      2. Tracking and rewarding long service
    8. Community Awards review [placeholder]
  5. Support
    1. Developing knowledge of Editorial Manager to support community
    2. Supporting the creation of (and then maintaining) knowledge base for Editorial Manager
    3. Maintain RevMan Web knowledge base up to date
    4. Support roll out of routine RevMan Web changes
  6. Learning
    1. Methods & Systems
      1. Editorial Manager Training
      2. Prognosis module
      3. Qualitative Methods [proposal only]
      4. Synthesis Without Meta-Analysis 2 [placeholder]
    2. Knowledge Translation
      1. Knowledge Translation Mentoring Round 2
      2. Dissemination Checklist course
      3. Cochrane Evidence Essentials Module 5
      4. Cochrane Evidence Essentials translations to German [complete], Russian and Spanish
    3. Trainers
      1. Revised and improved Author training materials
      2. Trainers Network revalidation, survey and rebuild of Trainers’ Hub
      3. Train the trainer online course (to improve training skills)
    4. Induction & mentoring
      1. Core induction pathway launched on Cochrane Learning Experiences
      2. Induction, mentoring and curated materials for Managing Editors and Information Specialists
      3. Other priority induction pathways [to be confirmed]
    5. Learning offer
      1. Cochrane Learning Experiences implementation
      2. Learning Profiles
      3. Website review
    6. Evaluation & reporting
      1. Reporting analytics work
      2. Learning dashboard