Chris Champion - Head of People Services

My role is to lead the department in its delivery of all people-focused services across the organization. This includes training and learning, membership, human resources for staff, and support services for the whole community. My team works with all elements of the Cochrane community to consider the implementation of new policies, processes, methods and technologies, and to think about how we can provide relevant training, answer questions, enable new contributors to get involved and make your work as easy and supported as possible.

I want everyone who engages with Cochrane to have a positive experience, gain skills, and see contributions to our work rewarded. I believe the People Services department is critical in achieving that.


Learning and Training

Chris Watts - Learning Manager

I support the Head of People Services in delivering learning projects across the Cochrane community. I lead on the design and development of learning materials and pathways to support our learners in a variety of Cochrane roles, particularly through online resources and initiatives for distance learners. My particular area of interest is in how research and learning is implemented and evaluated.


Dario Sambunjak - Learning Content Officer

I design, develop, update, and evaluate Cochrane’s online learning materials to support our community of distance learners, primarily authors and editors. I also organize webinars and learning events, and am Co-Chair of the Workshop Committee for Cochrane Colloquia.


Jana Stojanova - Learning and Support Officer (Group Staff)

My role centres around addressing the learning needs of Cochrane’s Group Staff community, including Review Groups, Geographic Groups and Fields. This involves induction for new starters, producing learning materials, delivering training and facilitating support. I work closely with our learning experts to ensure our content and learning platforms are top quality and of service to our community.


Human Resources

Lisa Archer - HR Manager

I support the Senior Management Team and CEO in ensuring that we recruit and retain the right people with the right skills to meet Cochrane’s strategic ambitions; and that staff feel engaged and supported within the organization. I develop, lead and manage a proactive, high quality and people-centred human resources service for Cochrane across the full employment life cycle. This includes activities such as recruitment, workforce planning, induction, pay and reward, staff development and engagement.


Senior Human Resources Officer - to be appointed

Caroline Haley - Human Resources Officer

I support the HR team with administration and the day-to-day operations of HR functions.


Consumer Engagement

Richard Morley - Consumer Engagement Officer

I work to support engagement with one of Cochrane’s key audiences, healthcare consumers (patients, care-givers, and family members) and to support the involvement of consumers in the production and dissemination of Cochrane evidence. I coordinate the Cochrane Consumer Network, a large and growing community of over 1550 volunteers. I also work with our authors, editorial teams, and geographic groups; and with external partners who support the principle of involvement in research. Visit the Consumer Network to find out more about consumer engagement and involvement.


Oliver Willis - Project Support & Administrator

I provide project and administrative support to the People Services team, contributing to the delivery of our services across the organization.


Membership and Participation

Ursula Gonthier - Membership and Support Manager

I am operational lead for our support services and the Cochrane Membership scheme and associated initiatives. I help to ensure that contributions from across the whole Cochrane community are rewarded and recognised. I work closely with the Community Support team, ME Support, and colleagues in IT Services. It is important to me that our support services are integrated and efficient, with quick response times and solutions that allow all members of the community to work with as little disruption as possible. Answering support queries is a great way to find out what people in Cochrane want and need; and I also work with the Learning team to ensure training requirements are identified and met.


Membership Database Project Manager - to be appointed

Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange

Cochrane Crowd and Cochrane TaskExchange are partner platforms which offer opportunities to get involved in Cochrane’s work.

Email: and

Anna Noel-Storr - Cochrane Crowd Manager

I love my role as Cochrane Crowd Manager as it demonstrates the power of collective human effort to produce lots of lovely metadata, helping to make health evidence more discoverable.

Emily Steele - Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange Community Engagements and Partnerships Manager

My role is focused on enhancing awareness of and involvement in Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange by all members of the Cochrane community and beyond.

Support Services

Community Support

The Community Support team provides advice and assistance on all areas of Cochrane’s work. We deal with a wide variety of queries from staff and the general public, covering everything from technical support to membership enquiries, translations to training.


Diane Gal - Community Support Officer

I am a Cochrane author, and an active volunteer in Cochrane Crowd and Task Exchange. I also helped to develop the first online learning courses for Cochrane UK.

Rachel Klabunde - Community Support Officer

I am trained in public health, involved in Cochrane Chile, and was part of planning for the 2019 Cochrane Colloquium.

Denise Mitchell - Community Support Officer

I am the Cochrane Information Specialists’ and Managing Editors’ Executives’ Support Officer, and I am a Cochrane Copy-Editor.

Managing Editor (ME) Support

The ME Support team provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to MEs in core aspects of their role within a Cochrane Review Group (CRG). The team provides support for editorial management and publication systems for Cochrane Reviews, and provides guidance to accompany editorial and publication policies.


Sally Bell-Syer, based in York, UK; Skype <sally.bellsyer>
Liz Dooley, based in Brisbane, Australia; Skype <lizdooley>
Anupa Shah, based in London, UK; Skype <cochraneeyes>

Cochrane Information Specialist (CIS) Support

The CIS Support team provides training and support to Cochrane Information Specialists in core aspects of the CIS role. The team provides a help desk service, one-to-one support on specific topics, training (webinars or at meetings) and creates and maintains key CIS resources.


Samantha Cox - Cochrane Ear, Nose and Throat disorders Group, UK
Candida Fenton - Cochrane Vascular and Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Group, UK
Anna Noel-Storr - Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Group, UK