Publishing, Research & Development Department: 2021 activities

1. PRD purpose and remit

Our mission is to support evidence-informed health decision-making through the development and use of evidence-based products and services that are inspired by the healthcare community and help both producers and users of evidence. Our work covers three main areas:

  • Cochrane Library strategy, publishing and product management
  • Commercialisation of other Cochrane products & services
  • Research and development for new products and features

And is critical to the financial sustainability of the organisation, through the subscription sales of the Cochrane Library and commercialisation of other Cochrane products and services. The commercialisation of other Cochrane products and services includes Cochrane Author Support Tools, Cochrane Interactive Learning, Cochrane Response and Cochrane PICO curation services.

PRD functional areas

Cochrane Library strategy, publishing & product management

  • Product pipeline, roadmap & strategy
  • Publishing systems
  • Publisher relationship management

Managing commercial services

  • Cochrane Response
  • Cochrane Interactive Learning
  • Covidence & RevMan
  • PICO Annotation Services

Research & Development

  • Horizon scanning, market intelligence
  • Market testing and validating new ideas

2. The PRD Team

Publishing and Commercial Team

  • Charlotte Pestridge, Head of PRD
  • Roger Tritton, Senior Product Development Manager
  • Rachel Craven, CLIB Product Owner
  • Viola Panzeri, CLIB Business Analyst
  • Obi Onuora, Publishing Technology Manager
  • Graham Smith, CLIB Project Manager
  • Richard Hollis, Business Development Manager

Cochrane Response Team

  • Chantelle Garritty, Consultant
  • Nicholas Henschke, Senior Systematic Reviewer
  • Gemma Villanueva, Senior Systematic Reviewer
  • Hanna Bergman, Systematic Reviewer
  • Katrin Probyn, Systematic Reviewer
  • Jennifer Petkovic, Systematic Reviewer
  • Elise Cogo, Systematic Reviewer
  • Candyce Hemel, Systematic Reviewer
  • Yanina Sguassero, Systematic Reviewer

3. Department objectives

These are the priority objectives and the workplan for PRD in 2021.

Goal 1 - Producing trusted evidence

  1. Implement the new Editorial Management System across all Cochrane Review Groups by July 2021 and all content types by October 2021. Ensure delivery of end to end content workflow through to publication on the Cochrane Library.
  2. Implement the improved Wiley production content workflow by June 2021 to improve the speed, reliability, accuracy, and predictability for the article production & publication process. Key improvements include 1) supporting scheduled publications, 2) content flow monitoring and reporting via a new dashboard, and 3) supporting parallel publishing pipelines.
  3. Timely and quality production of commissioned reviews by Cochrane Response team, achieving minimum £450,000 revenue and breakeven in 2021. Recruit Cochrane Response manager. Improve engagement with Cochrane groups and networks, and research funders to promote Cochrane Response. Improve financial monitoring of projects to increase financial return.

Goal 2 - Making evidence accessible

  1. Lead and deliver the Open Access strategy development project, working with key internal and external stakeholders to identify a sustainable OA transition plan for Cochrane systematic reviews. Transition plan to be approved by Cochrane and key stakeholders by early 2022.
  2. Review and update the product strategy for the Cochrane Library to support long-term financial sustainability for Cochrane and the likely move to an open access subscription model by 2025. Work with Wiley to complete user and purchaser research to validate the proposed product development strategy by September 2021. Communicate the product strategy to Cochrane community and key stakeholders. Includes research related to the potential integration of RevMan Web and Cochrane Interactive Learning, and new partner databases.
  3. Manage Cochrane Library roadmap and deliver new features and enhancements with a focus on financial sustainability and improving discoverability, accessibility, usability and impact of our content. Be responsive to priority projects that emerge from Cochrane review production initiatives and new data structures . Deliver planned PICO search enhancements. Communicate the roadmap to key stakeholders.
  4. Review and update Cochrane Library product performance metrics and reporting, including training on Adobe analytics and tracking the return and performance of new and existing features to continuously inform the product strategy.
  5. Complete a Spanish portal evaluation with translation team and IbCC to understand if it is meeting user, customer and stakeholder needs. Assessment and recommendation report by Q3 2021.
  6. Implement a new pipeline management process to inform the Cochrane Library roadmap. Ensuring all new product development opportunities follow an agile proof of concept, market assessment and user and customer validation process aligned to the product strategy. Promote and communicate the pipeline to key stakeholders. Active pipeline currently includes evidence surveillance, new display outputs, and data sharing.

Goal 4 - Building an effective and sustainable organisation

  1. Operational management and delivery of publishing contracts with Wiley and HighWire including management of service level agreements, systems performance, management of Publishing Management Team workplan for 2021, improving the customer support process, and review of HighWire to inform Wiley/HighWire contract renewal.
  2. Ongoing monitoring of the Wiley publishing relationship, monitoring the team relationships, roles & responsibilities, and our satisfaction levels with Wiley.
  3. Business development for Cochrane Interactive Learning, achieving £255,000 revenue and £168,000 operating profit in 2021.
  4. Update the business case for RevMan Web for non-Cochrane users by May 2021.