Publishing & Technology Directorate

Director of Publishing and Technology: Laura Ingle

Product team

Head of Cochrane Library and Product lead: Rachel Craven

Business Analyst: Moyosore Jones

RevMan Product Owner: Rebecka Hall (on maternity)

RevMan Product Owner: Sean Gardner (maternity cover)

Information Product Specialist: Samantha Cox

Multi-language Programme Manager: Judith Deppe

Cochrane Clinical Answers Editor: Selena Ryan Vig

Business Development Manager: Richard Hollis

Publishing Operations

(Interim) Head of Publishing Operations and Publishing Operations Manager: Ursula Gonthier

Production Manager: Elizabeth Royle

Senior Production Editor: Denise Mitchell

Evidence Pipeline

Head of Pipeline Evidence & Data Curation: Anna Noel-Storr

Medical Terminology Manager: Anna Last

Data Curation Specialist: Susi Wisniewski

Information Specialist: Charlene Bridges

IT Development and Infrastructure

Head of IT Development and Infrastructure: Gert van Valkenhoef

IT Infrastructure Operations Manager: Daniel Prada

Systems Administrator: Paulina Bojarska

IT Systems Support: David Lefebvre

Senior Systems Architect: Rasmus Moustgaard

Software Developers: Charlotte Kruss and Roman Piga

Software Test Engineer: Bakhtiar Islam