Publishing & Technology Directorate

Director of Publishing and Technology: Charlotte Pestridge

Cochrane Library

Head of CLIB and Product lead: Rachel Craven

Publishing Technology Manager: Obi Onuora

Business Analyst: Recruiting

Commercial services

Cochrane Response Senior Systematic Reviewers: Gemma Villanueva and Nicholas Henschke

Cochrane Response Systematic Reviewers: Meghan Sebastianski, Elise Cogo, Hanna Bergman, Jennifer Petkovic and Katrin Probyn

Business Development Manager: Richard Hollis

Senior Product Development Manager: Roger Tritton

IT Services

Head of Informatics and IT Services: Christopher Mavergames

IT Development Manager: Gerardus Van Valkenhoef

Senior Systems Architect: Rasmus Moustgaard

Software Developer: Peter James

Software Test Engineer: Sayli Kendole

RevMan Product Owner: Rebecka Hall

Senior Systems Administrator: Javier Mayoral Campos

Systems Administrator: Daniel Prada

Junior Systems Administrator: Paulina Bojarska

Evidence Pipeline Lead: Anna Noel-Storr

Medical Terminology Manager: Anna Last

Information Specialist: Robin Featherstone

Data Curation Specialist: Susi Wisniewski

Web Operations Manager: Paolo Rosati

Senior Software Engineer: Martin Janczyk