Council Documents and Reports

Council papers are either produced by the Council and its constituencies, or submitted to the Council by the Governing Board, Central Executive Team, or Cochrane members for response. The papers below are also sorted by Agenda. All Council papers are Open Access (CC-BY).

Constituency reports and organization of the Council  Future of evidence synthesis and the Cochrane Community Other topics

Council Paper 140421-1 Co-Chairs role overview

Council Paper 140421-2  Early Career Professionals representation on the Cochrane Council

Council paper 011221-3 Cochrane Methods Report to Council November 2021

Council paper 011221-4 Managing Editors Report November 2021

Council paper 020322-1 ME Constituency report for Council March 22

Council paper 020322-2 Cochrane Methods Report to Council February 2022

GB-2022-03 Council end of year report 2021

Council paper 160522-4 Cochrane Methods Report

Council paper 160522-5 Cochrane Managing Editor Report

Council paper 160522-6 Cochrane Fields Report

Council paper 160522-7 Information Specialists' Report

Council paper 160522-8 Co-Eds chat summary from 29 March 2022

Council Paper 14092022-9 Authors' Report

Council Paper 14092022-10 MEs Report

Council paper 14092022-10 MEs Report Addendum

Council Paper 140421-3  Managing Editor feedback on Separation of functions pilot March 2021

Council paper 061021-1 Managing Editor Executive Report

Council paper 061021-2 CIS Exec Feedback on proposed Cochrane restructure

Council paper 151121- 1 Fields' Report on the future of Cochrane

Council paper 151121- 2 Co-Eds on organizational structures for review production

Council paper 151121- 3 Future of evidence synthesis in Cochrane emails to Council

Response to Council request to delay Archie workflow switch off

Council paper 011221-5 Consultation on the future of evidence synthesis in Cochrane

Council paper 011221-8 Future of Evidence Synthesis Production Geogroups

Council paper 020222-1 Future of Evidence Synthesis in Cochrane

Council Paper 140421-4  Council view on new membership types

Council Paper 010621-1 Knowledge Translation Databases

Council Paper 010621-2 Feedback from the Execs Meetings MAY 2021

Council Paper 010621-3 Virtual Governance Meetings 2021 [Council Response]

Council paper 011221-1 Managing Editor Feedback on EMS

Annex 1 paper 011221-1 Managing Editor Letter to CET Nov 2021

Council paper 011221-2 Cochrane Values Statement - A proposal for a co-design protocol

Council paper 011221-6 Council call schedule in 2022

Council paper 011221-7 Cochrane Library Product Development 2022


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