The remit of the MEs' Executive is to be a conduit for communication and information flow to and from the MEs, the Cochrane Board, the Cochrane Council, the Central Executive and the Editor in Chief.

The Executive is made up of a group of Managing Editors representing a spread of CRG size and geographical location (where possible). MEs' Executive terms are three years in the first instance. We have teleconferences every couple of months and always have a face-to-face meeting at Colloquia and the Governance Meetings. We discuss and take forward issues that have been raised by our fellow MEs, others in Cochrane and through committee work. We also facilitate ME meetings at Colloquia.

Current members of the MEs' Executive are Nikki Janhke, Rachael Kelly, Jordi Pardo Pardo. If you wish to contact the MEs’ Executive, please email

How can I engage with the ME Executive?

We often pick up issues to discuss through the MEs’ Discussion forum, at MEs’ meetings, through papers submitted to the MEs' Executive, the Cochrane Council and issues raised by the Editor in Chief and Co-ordinating Editors. If you wish to raise an issue for the MEs' Executive to consider, please get in touch with one of the Co-convenors (Frances Kellie or Lindsey Elstub). We do our best to take your issue forward and find a resolution or answer.

Where can I find minutes from ME Executive meetings?

These are stored in the ME folder on Archie Forum/Board > Managing Editors' Forum > Files > ME Exec Minutes.