About Managing Editor (ME) Support

ME Support started on 1 October 2012 and provides induction training, ongoing training, and support to MEs in all aspects of their role within a Cochrane Review Group (CRG). Assistant Managing Editors (A/MEs) and Satellite MEs are trained by their CRG.

Types of support

The team provides three main types of support: induction training to help new MEs learn the skills needed to fulfill their role; and day-to-day trouble-shooting support for MEs; and one-to-one support for MEs on specific topics and general training sessions (webinars or at meetings).

ME Support induction training: The team provides induction training for new MEs. After receiving notification from the MEs’ Executive that a new ME has been appointed, a member of the team will contact the ME to discuss training needs and develop a suitable training programme.

CRGs with A/MEs or Satellite MEs will receive appropriate induction training from their CRG. However, training should be flexible and can be co-ordinated between the ME of the parent CRG and the Satellite CRG, if ME Support training is required.

Day-to-day trouble-shooting support: The preferred mode for contacting ME Support is via the dedicated email address (mesupport@cochrane.org), so the team can accurately log issues which arise. Telephone and Skype contact is available to help any aspects of MEs in their role; for example, using Archie, and around editorial policy or processes. This support is open to MEs, but A/MEs can contact the team (and cc their ME) if the ME of their CRG is unavailable.

One-to-one support on a special topic: The team can provide remote one-to-one training by screen-sharing on specific topics, such as workflows. This could involve a one-off training session of up to two hours or a series of training sessions, as agreed with a member of the ME Support team. This type of support is offered to MEs only.

Training sessions – webinars or at regional meetings or Colloquia:  The team may run occasional training sessions for all MEs or people in related editorial roles.

Contacting ME Support

Via email: contact mesupport@cochrane.org. We aim to reply to urgent emails within 24 hours (mark as urgent or put "urgent" in the subject line) and non-urgent emails within 48 hours.

Via Skype: see the contact Skype names below. Phone numbers for your regional contact are available in Archie if you do not have a Skype account. 

For RevMan or Archie queries that are technical issues (e.g. a system malfunction)

Use the Help menu in Archie or RevMan to report a problem or make a suggestion. If using the Help reporting systems is not practical, (i.e. you cannot open the software), email support@cochrane.org. This is monitored by the Community Support Team, as are any wishlist or problems reported. The ME Support team work closely with the Community Support Team with regards to Archie issues and wishlist items.

ME Support team

Sally Bell-Syer, based in York, UK; Skype <sally.bellsyer>
Liz Dooley, based in Brisbane, Australia; Skype <lizdooley>
Anupa Shah, based in London, UK; Skype <cochraneeyes>
ME Support Manager: Chris Champion, Editorial Policy and Publication Unit

Further details about the team can be found on the Cochrane Editorial and Methods Team page.


The ME Support team welcomes you getting in touch at any time with enquiries, feedback, or thoughts on how to shape or improve the ME Support service.