• Issue 12: (December 2022)
    1. Closing of ME Support
    2. Support going forward
    3. Launch of Cochrane Engage
    4. Cochrane's new review format: tell us what you think
    5. News
  • Issue 11: (November 2022)
    1. Occasional errors in author order
    2. Reminder: Copy-edit Christmas shut-down
    3. RevMan 5 retirement
    4. A new open access journal for Cochrane: Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods
    5. Cochrane Lecture with Jimmy Volmink - 30 November 2022, 3pm UK time
    6. MSU Web Clinic recording now available
    7. Chris Silagy prize winners
    8. Jobs at Cochrane
    9. News
  • Issue 10: (October 2022)
    1. Update to title proposal process
    2. Reminder: Please do not include CRG ID code in title in Archie
    3. Changes to the process and policy for appeals of rejections
    4. Forthcoming webinar on New Review Format: 10 November
    5. Reminder: survey for a ME face-to-face meeting
    6. Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods: a new open-access journal
    7. MSU Web Clinic recording now available
    8. News
  • Issue 9: (September 2022)
    1. WARNING: Protocols and reviews in progress which are not in Editorial Manager
    2. Amended wording on the submission pop-up in RevMan Web
    3. Support for CRGs
    4. Upcoming webinars for consumers
    5. Methods Support Unit: appointment of 2 new Statistical Editors
    6. News
      • Cochrane Neonatal
      • Cochrane Common Mental Disorders
  • Issue 8: (August 2022)
    1. Editorial Manager update
      • Tracking submissions in production
      • Assigning Editors to review collated peer review comments
      • Editorial Manager demo sessions rescheduled
      • New toolbar design coming to Editorial Manager
    2. Copy editing
      • REMINDER: emailing copy editors
      • Top tips for making copy edit a smoother process
    3. Amendments with no new citation - Where does the publication date show on the Cochrane Library?
    4. News
      • Welcome
      • Farewell
  • Issue 7: (July 2022)
    1. Guidance and support for CRGs leading up to March 2023
    2. Proposals for new Cochrane Reviews
    3. Updates to Convey for Authors page
    4. REMINDER: DTA reviews and process
    5. Change to Cochrane's production team
    6. Call for CRG statistical editors
    7. Upcoming Methods Support Unit web clinic
    8. News
      • Welcome to the new Methods Support Unit Manager
      • Farewell to the following MEs/AMEs
  • Issue 6: (June 2022)
    1. New process for proposals from authors to conduct new Cochrane Reviews
    2. Update to CRG websites
    3. Protocol templates for intervention and DTA reviews
    4. Cochrane UK review author training
    5. Updates to GRADEpro-RevMan integration
    6. Methods Support unit web clinic on writing results from a network meta-analysis
    7. Future of evidence synthesis in Cochrane: Forum for the methods community
    8. REMINDER: CRG staff leaving
    9. New Head of Editorial in the Editorial Production and Methods department
    10. Farewell
    11. Job opportunity at Cochrane Work
  • Issue 5: (May 2022)
    1. New Licence for Publication form system now linked to EM
    2. Authors no longer have access to Archie
    3. Reminder about withdrawing protocols
    4. Supporting peer review of reviews that use Risk of Bias (RoB) 2
    5. New process for referrals to the Research Integrity Editors and Conflict of Interest (CoI) Panel
    6. Protocol template for intervention reviews now available in RevMan Web 
    7. Editorial Manager feedback
    8. Methods Support Unit web clinic on risk of bias tools for non-randomised studies of interventions 
    9. Help inform developments to the Cochrane Review format: We need you! 
    10. Upcoming events
  • Issue 4: (April 2022)
    1. Updated guidance for MEs posting consumer peer review tasks on TaskExchange
    2. Update to authorship policy
    3. Future of Evidence Synthesis webinar series
    4. Methods Support Unit web clinic on writing up Risk of Bias 2
    5. Call for feedback on SynQ: Synthesis Questions reporting checklist and guide
    6. Next Editorial Manager drop-in session
    7. News
  • Issue 3: (March 2022)
    1. Editorial Manager
      • Staff changes and roles in Editorial Manager
      • Editorial Manager demo / Q&A sessions
      • Contacting the Methods Support Unit via Editorial Manager
    2. Information Specialist search peer review
    3. Release of version 6.3 of the Cochrane Handbook 
    4. New guidance and template for writing Cochrane Plain language summaries is now available 
    5. Required information for Central Editorial Service before transfer
    6. PICO summaries now available on Cochrane Reviews
    7. Methods Support Unit web clinic on 14th April 2022 
    8. Announcing a day with Equity Methods Group on 27 April 2022
    9. News
      • Cochrane Neonatal changes
      • Cochrane PaPaS
        • Congratulations to Anna Erskine
        • Maternity cover
      • Cochrane Haematology
      • Leavers
      • Cochrane Injuries
      • Rachel Marshall leaving as Head of Editorial
  • Issue 2: (February 2022)
    1. Upcoming EM demo sessions
    2. DTA Peer Review process in Editorial Manager
    3. Withdrawal of protocols
    4. Information Specialists Search Peer Review Team
    5. Update from the Managing Editors’ Executive
    6. UPCOMING WEB CLINIC: Common errors in summary of findings tables
    7. WEB CLINIC RECORDING: Developing the Cochrane Review Implications for research section
    8. Cochrane Connects Event – Register Now
    9. Cochrane Convenes report
    10. Jobs available in Cochrane
    11. News
  • Issue 1: (January 2022)
    1. Reviews in Archie and Editorial Manager
    2. Practice tasks on Editorial Manager training site
    3. Withdrawal policy: policy for protocols
    4. Risk of Bias 2 judgement tables: copy editing
    5. Reviews not indexed on PubMed and PubMed Central: update
    6. Supporting dissemination of high profile reviews
    7. Help inform new guides for using non-randomised studies of interventions in Cochrane Reviews
    8. Methods Support Unit web clinic on developing the Cochrane Review implications for research section
    9. Vacancy on the Managing Editors' Executive
    10. News
      • Haematology
      • Urology
      • PaPaS
      • Goodbye Laura


  • Issue 12: (December 2021)
    1. REMINDER: Dates / deadlines as Archie workflows are being retired
    2. Editorial Manager
      • New Decision Letters to support the publication pipeline now in Editorial Manager
      • Make a suggestion or provide feedback about Editorial Manager 
    3. Declaration of Interest statement-writing service
    4. RevMan Web changes and improvements
    5. Update to the Cochrane Library navigation
    6. Methods Support Unit special web clinic on including different study designs and evidence: recording available
    7. Help develop Cochrane guidance for assessing risk of bias in non-randomised studies of interventions
    8. Job Advert - Covidence Community Manager
    9. Christmas closure
  • Issue 11: (November 2021)
    1. Publication moving from Archie to Editorial Manager
    2. Declarations of interest / Convey
    3. Withdrawal policy: interim change in policy for protocols
    4. RevMan Web
    5. Christmas and New Year closures
    6. News
  • Issue 10: (October 2021)
    1. Editorial Manager update
    2. Title registration: closure of open online title proposal form and update to title registration via Editorial Manager
    3. Editorial Manager quiz
    4. Updates to Conflict of Interest (CoI) Policy for Cochrane Library Content
    5. Editorial and peer-reviewer contributions text added to generic RevMan protocol templates
    6. Join a new ME Panel!
    7. Deadline extended: Please help us user test a new Plain language summary template!
    8. Special Methods Support Unit web clinic: register now!
    9. ME/AME job opportunities
  • Issue 9: (September 2021)
    1. IMPORTANT: workflow deactivation and end of publication from Archie
    2. Archie update: person record changes
    3. Registering new titles
    4. Editorial Manager update
      • Editorial Process overview
      • Goodbye to Community Liaison Officers
      • Feedback on Editorial Manager
    5. Convey update
    6. MEs' Executive announcement
    7. Special Methods Support Unit web clinic: including different study designs and evidence
    8. Keep up to date with changes at Cochrane
  • Issue 8: (August 2021)
    1. EMS Community Liaison: August update
    2. Convey for conflict of interest declarations
    3. Registration of Methodology Reviews
    4. Cochrane UK and Cochrane Ireland Symposium 2022 - survey
  • Issue 7: (July 2021)
    1. Affiliations - now editable in RevMan Web
    2. Updating people's details in Archie and Editorial Manager
    3. EMS Community Liaison: July update
    4. Convey
      • Using Editorial Manager/Convey to collect author Declarations of Interest demo and Q&A sessions
      • Convey queries
    5. Protocol templates
    6. Forthcoming webinar: Editorial Independence and Efficiency Project (EIEP)
    7. Knowledge translation: Engaging stakeholders
    8. Resources and support for using Risk of Bias 2
    9. REMINDER: Cochrane’s Plain Language Summary Project
    10. REMINDER: Vacancy on the Managing Editors' Executive
    11. Welcome: Stina Oberg
  • Issue 6: (June 2021)
    1. Methods Support Protocol Template
    2. Editorial Manager Update
    3. Calling all Plain language summary writers
    4. New policy for managing potentially problematic studies
    5. A new home for editorial policies on the Cochrane Library
    6. News from Cochrane Review Groups
      • Welcome Jennifer!
      • Changes at Cochrane Neonatal
      • Goodbye, Ann!
  • Issue 5: (May 2021)
    1. Edits to the Conflict of Interest policy
    2. Cochrane Handbook web links
    3. RevMan Web update
      • Recent improvements to text editing
      • Recent improvements to Sources of support section
    4. Editorial Manager
      • Update from EMS Liaison
      • New Editorial Manager Slack channel
      • Preparing to add reviews to Editorial Manager
      • Author Declarations of Interest
    5. Editorial note: a new Cochrane Library feature
    6. Lockdown Managing Editor
  • Issue 4: (April 2021)
    1. REMINDER: Editorial Integrity and Efficiency Project
    2. REMINDER: Process for registering new CRG Satellites
    3. Managing Editors Portal
    4. Recent updates to the Cochrane Style Manual
    5. RevMan Web update
    6. Jobs in Cochrane
    7. News
  • Issue 3: (March 2021)
    1. Updates to guidance on acknowledging peer reviewers
    2. Conflict of interest (CoI) Policy Flowcharts
    3. Enabling RoB2 and GRADEPro features in RevMan Web
    4. Editorial Integrity and Efficiency Project
    5. Conflict of interest (CoI) declarations: Review Groups
    6. News
  • Issue 2: (February 2021)
    1. Sending queries to ME Support
    2. RevMan Web - what's new?
      • Navigation in the view
      •  Unsupported review types can now be validated and submitted in RevMan Web
    3. Conflict of Interest
      • Statement writing service for author declarations of interest
      • CoI policy for Cochrane Library content
      • Declaration of Interest form 
      • Funding Arbiter role renamed in Archie
    4. Training
    5. EMS update
    6. News
  • Issue 1: (January 2021)
    1. Validation Report / Validation errors
      • Feedback on Validation Report
      • Overriding Validation errors when submitting for editorial approval
    2. Publishing
      • Publishing – remember you are publishing the latest version stored in Archie
      • Handling of version numbers after publication
    3. RevMan Web – what’s new?
      • Full-text view extended
      • Dashboard improvements
    4. Reviews using Risk of Bias 2
    5. Managing group files and documents in Archie
    6. Role-based Declaration of Interest for editors
    7. Implementing Cochrane's revised CoI Policy within Archie
    8. EMS update
    9. News


  • Issue 12: (December 2020)
    1. Editorial updates
      • Style Manual advice updated for citing the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
      • Increase in word limit for Plain Language Summaries (PLSs) of Intervention and Flexible reviews
    2. Archie and RevMan - update from IT support
      • Guidance for editorial staff: changes in Archie and RevMan
      • Improvements for Risk of bias 2 (RoB 2) in RevMan Web
    3. Update from the EMS Liaison Team
    4. Announcements
    5. MEs' Executive ‘Season’s Greetings’ to the ME Community
    6. Farewell Sally Bell-Syer
    7. Welcome and farewell
  • Issue 11: (November 2020)
    1. Editorial & Publishing Policy updates
      • Conflict of Interest (CoI) policy implementation survey
      • Guidance on Conflict of Interest (CoI) policy implementation
      • Changes to the management and publishing of Comments on Cochrane Reviews
      • Addendum to License for Publication (LfP) form
      • MECIR update
    2. RevMan
      • New in RevMan Web
      • RevMan 5.3 Tutorial
      • RevMan 5.4.1
    3. Archie update
    4. Announcements
      • Editorial Management System (EMS)
      • 2021 Cochrane Governance meetings to be held virtually
      • UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellowships
    5. Training
    6. Managing Editors’ support forum
    7. Covidence
    8. REMINDER: Staff changes in CRGs
    9. Welcome
  • Issue 10: (October 2020)
    1. Editorial & Publishing Policy Resource updates
      • Conflict of Interest (CoI) policy
      • Updating Classification System
      • Co-publication policy
    2. Archie update
    3. RevMan Web
    4. An update from the Editorial Management System (EMS) Liaison Team
    5. Training resources and Webinars
      • Recording from Conflict of Interest (CoI) webina
      • Knowledge Translation (KT) resources
      • Bias Methods Group open meeting 2020 - virtual edition
      • Recording of meeting to discuss methods/checklists for identifying “problematic” studies
      • ISMTE webinar: Open vs. Closed Peer Review: Advantages and Disadvantages
    6. Draft guidance on using Clinical Study Reports in Cochrane Reviews 
    7. Welcome and farewell
  • Issue 9: (September 2020)
    1. Editorial & Publishing Policy Resource
      • Updated Review Proposal Forms available on the Editorial & Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR)
      • Rapid Reviews subtype
    2. RevMan
      • Important! RevMan 5.3 will be disconnected from Cochrane servers on 5 October, 2020
      • New in RevMan Web
    3. Training
    4. Clarification around the Rejecting Review Updates - Reason 1: quality/competence
    5. Individual CRG Impact Factor data
    6. Announcements
    7. Farewell
  • Issue 8: (August 2020)
    1. Comments on Cochrane Reviews: update
    2. Editorial Policy & Practice
      • New Conflict of Interest (CoI) resources available
    3. Cochrane's next strategy: let's collaborate!
    4. Archie
      • Update to Archie notifications
    5. RevMan 5.4.1
    6. Tips and tricks
      • Having problems checking in reviews?
      • Which review type to select when registering a Network Meta-Analysis (NMA) review?
      • Covidence
    7. Announcements
    8. Job vacancies
    9. Farewell
  • Issue 7: (July 2020)
    1. Comments on Cochrane Reviews: update
    2. CoI suggestions from workshops
    3. WHO Creative Commons licence addendum for the Creative Commons licences for publication
    4. Archie
      • Change in publication for Amendments
      • Reminder: Roles in Archie and the use of the Role Specification field
    5. Rewarding peer and consumer reviewers with Cochrane Membership points
    6. Cochrane is now on Slack…join us!
    7. How to cite . . .
      • RevMan Web and RevMan 5.4
      • Preprints and electronic publications
    8. Welcome
  • Issue 6: (June 2020)
    1. REMINDER: July 1 deadline for "Shape the way we work: a questionnaire to inform future editorial workflows"
    2. RevMan Web / RevMan 5.4
      • Important reminder - please install RevMan 5.4 if you need to use desktop RevMan
      • Share a link to a review in RevMan Web
    3. WEBINAR: How to organise live online learning: a guide to running webinars and virtual workshops
    4. Conflict of Interest workshops
    5. Thank you
    6. News
    7. REMINDER: Contacting ME Support
  • Issue 5: (May 2020)
    1. Shape the way we work: a questionnaire to inform future editorial workflows
    2. UPDATE: Managing Editor job description
    3. Changes to RevMan
    4. Archie
      • Changes made to the Archie viewer
      • REMINDER: Workflow email templates
    5. TRAINING: Conflict of Interest Policy workshop
    6. NEW: Link two or more Cochrane Review Groups to one Cochrane Review
    7. Cochrane begins project to improve Plain Language Summaries
    8. Changes to terms and conditions for translators of Cochrane content
    9. Welcome and farewell
  • Issue 4: (April 2020)
    1. RevMan Updates
      • Changes to RevMan
      • WEBINAR recording: RevMan 5 and RevMan Web - important updates for Editorial Staff
      • RevMan Support channel on Slack
    2. Changes to Archie document viewer and file formats
    3. Editorial policy and practice
      • Conflict of Interest Policy - virtual WORKSHOP for MEs/ Assistant MEs
      • How to refer to the Cochrane 'Risk of bias' tools in protocols, reviews and updates
    4. COVID-19
      • Title proposals
      • Rapid reviews: Cochrane's response so far
      • TaskExchange and COVID-19
    5. Expressions of Interest for an Editorial Management System (EMS) support role
    6. Job vacancies
    7. Cochrane Review Group news
  • Issue 3: (March 2020)
    1. Message from ME Support
    2. EMD Project updates
    3. Editorial policy and practice
      • Cochrane announces revised Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content
      • COPE webinar on editing the content of peer review
    4. Updated resources for authors and changes to RevMan
      • Supporting CRGs
      • Changes to RevMan
      • Updated resources for authors
    5. Training webinar
    6. Important announcements from Copy Edit Support
      • Appointment of Senior Copy Editor
      • Change to submission process for CES
    7. Abstract and workshop submissions for the Toronto Colloquium
    8. Job Vacancies 
    9. Welcome / Farewell
  • Issue 2: (February 2020)
    1. Central Executive Team update
    2. Editorial policy and practice
      • Project to publish the Updating Classification System (UCS) information
      • Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) updated
    3. RevMan Web - New feature!
    4. The Cochrane Ireland and Cochrane UK Symposium is taking place in Dublin, 21st-22nd April 2020
    5. New Interactive Learning module on Health Equity
    6. FAQs and Tips
    7. Job vacancies and opportunities
  • Issue 1: (January 2020)
    1. Central Executive Team update
    2. Editorial policy and practice
      • Editorial management system webinar recording available
      • Updated guidance for Cochrane living systematic reviews
      • Updated links in workflow template relevant to group specific email templates
      • International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) membership
    3. New in RevMan Web 
    4. Events and Meetings
      • Training day for MEs and AMEs to be held in Dublin on Monday 20th April 2020 prior to the UKCC Symposium.
      • ochrane Colloquium, Toronto 2020 
    5. Copy edit support message from Elizabeth Royle
    6. What’s new on the Cochrane Library? Quarterly demo, January 2020
    7. Job Vacancies 
    8. Welcome and Farewell


  • Issue 10: (December 2019)
    1. Central Executive Team update
      • CES closure over Christmas 2019 and New Year
    2. Editorial policy and practice
      • What's New events
      • Problem identified with some reference links in reviews arriving for copy-edit at CES
    3. RevMan Web News
      • Tracking progress on reviews in RevMan Web
      • Update to Subheadings in RevMan Web: Addition of 'Summary of findings and assessment of the certainty of the evidence'
    4. Save the date: the Cochrane Ireland and UK Annual Symposium
    5. Organisational Policy News
    6. Maintenance and possible disruption
      • Alert from the Cochrane Library team
      • Message to inform of scheduled maintenance of Turnitin services which will be unavailable on January 4, 2020
    7. Job Vacancies
    8. Welcome/Farewell
    9. ME Support cover over the festive period
  • Issue 9: (November 2019)
    1. Editorial policy and practice
      • REMINDER: The importance of prompt permissions for copy-editing
      • New and revised Review Proposal Forms: revised for data protection and updated with links to the Cochrane Handbook version 6
    2. Launching the new Methods Support Unit in Cochrane
    3. REVMAN WEB training & support & webinar recording
      • New section for Editorial Staff in RevMan Web Knowledge Base
      • Recent editorial-focused improvements in RevMan Web
      • GRADEPro integration
      • Webinar recording
    4. Santiago Colloquium feedback
      • Chris Silagy Prize: recognizing the extraordinary
      • Virtual #CochraneSantiago 2 - 6 December, 2019
    5. Welcome
  • Issue 8: (October 2019)
    1. Central Executive Team update
      • Restructure & creation of the People Services Department
    2. Editorial policy and practice
      • Updated policy for withdrawing Cochrane Reviews
      • Changes to the Cochrane Style Manual
    3. Training and new methods
      • Cochrane Handbook update
      • Webinar - RevMan Web: a practical guide for editorial teams
      • Assigning permission to Copy-edit support
      • Mailbox web@cochrane.org closing down
    5. Santiago Colloquium
      • MEs and AMEs meeting
      • ME Support
    6. Job Vacancies
      • Cochrane seeks Assistant Editor - London, UK
      • Part-time Community Support Officer (CSO) team-member
    7. Welcome
  • Issue 7: (September 2019)
    1. Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update
    2. Identifying Translators to assess and extract data of studies in different languages for inclusion in Cochrane Reviews 
    3. RevMan Web
    4. RevMan 5 and RevMan Web: troubleshooting and updates
    5. Deleting person records from Archie
    6. Forthcoming webinars/training sessions
    7. Farewell
  • Issue 6: (August 2019)
    1. Welcome
    2. Editorial & Methods Department Projects
      • Editorial Management System update
      • Comments Publishing update
    3. Editorial & Publishing Policy Resource update 
    4. Cochrane Style Manual updates
    5. Messages from TaskExchange 
    6. REMINDER: updating or editing your website
    7. Warning about Elizabeth Royle's holiday: 9-23 August 2019 inclusive
    8. REMINDER: who to contact for issues/queries
  • Issue 5: (June 2019)
    1. Welcome
    2. ALERT: Workflow task emails from Archie - marking tasks as 'Done'
    3. Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) updates
      • Authorship and contributorship
      • Cochrane peer review policy
    4. RevMan Web
      • Best practice suggestions for editing reviews
      • Adding footnotes for authors
    5. RevMan 5
    6. Cochrane Account login upgrade - changes in Archie
    7. REMINDER: Who to contact for issues/queries
    8. Farewell
  • Issue 4: (May 2019)
    1. UPDATE: Changes to two Archie system wide email templates
    2. UPDATE:Updating Classification System (UCS)
    3. REMINDER: Data protection and peer review
    4. REMINDER: Data protection and Archie workflow template emails
    5. Welcome
    6. Farewell
  • Issue 3: (March 2019)
    1. Communication with Cochrane authors about signing licence for publication forms
    2. Workflows email templates: cc'ing all authors
    3. Comments on Cochrane Reviews: update on Comment publishing
    4. NEW: Launch of Cochrane Help and Support Centre
    5. PROJECT UPDATE: Editorial management system strategy
    6. RevMan Web update
    7. TRAINING: new module on Network Meta Analysis (NMA)
    8. WEBINAR: Visualising Cochrane Evidence in practice: experience from Cochrane Common Mental Disorders
    9. Cochrane Style Manual: recent updates
    10. International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) poster submission deadline
  • Issue 2: (February 2019)
    1. Updating Classification System: decision made to start publishing
    2. Standard Training Materials
    3. Cochrane Style Manual: recent changes
    4. Launch of Editorial Essentials
    5. RevMan Web: What is 'Snapshot from RevMan Web' in Archie History tab?
    6. Cochrane UK & Cochrane Ireland Symposium 2019, Oxford
    7. Welcome
    8. Farewell
  • Issue 1: (January 2019)
    1. RevMan Web: Full Text option, Moving between references and study data
    2. Cochrane Library: feature to highlight reviews from CRGs discontinued
    3. Request for details of potentially urgent submissions to CES
    4. REMINDER: Scientific misconduct survey
    5. REMINDER: update your CoI statement for 2019
    6. Cochrane Survey: Provide feedback on Cochrane’s Policy on Conflicts of Interest
    7. Cochrane Colloquium, Santiago 2019
    8. Welcome and Farewell
    9. ME Support salutations


  • Issue 11: (December 2018)
    1. EPPR: Supplemental material
    2. EPPR: Peer review policy compliance
    3. When does an amendment need a new citation?
    4. REVMAN WEB - Automatic tagging of review versions
    5. MISCONDUCT: how we investigate cases of misconduct (Brian Wansink
    6. Cochrane Style Basics: new version released
    7. Details of the CES closure for Christmas and New Year 2018-19
    8. Farewell
    9. ME Support cover for the festive season
  • Issue 10: (November 2018)
    2. Tips and Tricks
    3. REMINDER: ME Support queries
    4. Training Opportunities
    5. Welcome and Farewell
  • Issue 9: (October 2018)
    1. Changes in the Editorial and Methods Department's Editorial Policy and Publication Unit’s team roles and job titles
    2. Changes to the Cochrane Library Comments system: update
    3. ALERT: checking in Reviews that are being prepared in REVMAN WEB
    4. COPE: diversity in peer review – resource for CRGs
    5. REMINDER: ME Support queries
    6. Nuggets from the Copy-Edit team
    7. Farewell
  • Issue 8: (September 2018)
    1. Updated sections to the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR)
      • Updated 'What's new' publishing events
    2. Colloquium news
      • WORKSHOP: Editorial and Methods Department best practice in editorial policies, process, and publication
      • MEs/AMEs meeting
      • Of particular relevance to MEs/AMEs
      • ME Support availability during the colloquium
    3. WEBINAR: Get to know RevMan Web - the new writing tool
    4. REMINDER: Customised Workflow templates
    5. REMINDER: ME Support queries
    6. Welcome & other news
  • Issue 7: (August 2018)
    1. Q&As from the 'Policy surgery' are now available
    2. REMINDER: Publishing embargo for Cochrane Reviews and translations from 00:01 BST Tuesday, 7 August to BST 00:01 Thursday, 9 August
    3. REMINDER: Cochrane Library launch
    4. REMINDER: Changes to the Cochrane Library Comments system
    5. New PICO annotated tasks now included in workflow templates version 1.5
    6. Call for a clean-up of the Group Role 'Staff' in Archie
    7. Expressions of interest that do not fit the scope of your Group
    8. Module reminder
    9. Farewell
  • Issue 6: (July 2018)
    1. Editorial Policy and Publishing Resource updates
      • Authorship and contributorship: deceased authors
      • Peer reviewer checklists updated
      • Forthcoming changes to the Cochrane Library Comments system
    2. RevMan Web update
    3. Cochrane Training website updated
    4. Archie records update
      • How to edit a record when a staff member leaves
      • Duplicate records in Archie
    5. Welcome and farewell
  • Issue 5: (June 2018)
    1. Updated peer reviewer checklists and workflow email templates
    2. Changes to the Comments (Feedback) system on the Cochrane Library: support and webinars
    3. Updating Classification System: update on publication
    4. Copy-editing tips:
      • 'Characteristics of ...'tables: general formatting
      • Main formatting for 'Characteristics of...' tables
      • 'Risk of bias' tables
    5. Tips and tricks:
      • Affiliation versus Contact Address
      • RevMan 'Insert Link To...' tool
    6. Welcome and farewell
  • Issue 4: (May 2018)
    1. Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: Announcement of new
    2. Cochrane-wide peer review policy
    3. UPCOMING WEBINAR for Managing Editors
    4. REMINDER: 'About The Cochrane Collaboration' database is being retired
    5. Copy editing tips
    6. REMINDER: Cochrane Reviews and PubMed
    7. Membership scheme and acknowledging translators
    8. REMINDER: Where to direct your queries - Community Support Team or ME Support?
  • Issue 3: (April 2018)
    1. Welcome
    2. UPCOMING WEBINAR for Managing Editors: Peer review policy
    3. International Congress on Peer Review and Scientific Publication
    4. Where to direct your queries: Community Support Team or ME Support?
    5. Copy editing tips
    6. Metrics Toolkit
    7. Preview the new Cochrane Library website
    8. Summary of regional meeting of MEs & AMEs in Canada
  • Issue 2: (March 2018)
    1. Welcome: two new Managing Editors
    2. UPCOMING WEBINAR for Managing Editors: CRG Networks Implementation
    3. Mini survey on current peer review process and workflows for Managing Editors
    4. Resolve duplicate messages in Archie
    5. New webinar series: editorial policy and publication
    6. ATTENTION: changes to Copy Edit Support
    7. REMINDER: recorded webinars
      • Plagiarism
      • Membership
    8. ATTENTION: Cochrane Review gold open access for NIHR-funded CRGs
    9. Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update
      • Authors using a Group name
      • Joint first authors
  • Issue 1: (February 2018)
    1. Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update
      • Authorship and contributorship
      • Author contact details in published Cochrane Reviews
    2. REMINDER: changes to the administration of mailing lists relevant to the Editorial base
    3. REMINDER: contact process for new ME in post
    4. REMINDER: update your CoI statement for 2018
    5. Tips and Tricks
      • Archie notifications and 'Suggested changes'
    6. Updates from the Covidence Team
    7. Training module


  • Issue 9, December: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: rejecting Cochrane Reviews and the appeals process webinar; New resources and Cochrane Review Group re-accreditation; The Enhanced Cochrane Library project; Resolved Cochrane Library issue: ‘New’ tag for CENTRAL records; The Campbell Collaboration; Common errors ‘virtual workshop’ for Editors announcement; ISMPP European Meeting 2018: COPE member discount; And now for something completely different.....; ME Support cover over December/January holiday
  • Issue 8, November: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) updates; rejecting Cochrane Reviews and the appeals process webinars; New standard workflow emails for peer review process; Tips and Tricks - What is the CD number of a review and where do I find it?; Information about search and browse issues in the Cochrane Library; Next steps for Cochrane Membership: an update for Cochrane Groups; REMINDER: Copy Edit Support (CES) Christmas 2017 closure details and what to do about URGENT submissions; Welcome.
  • Issue 7, October: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) updates; Online training modules; Editors’ workshop in Melbourne, Australia; In Progress workflows – action needed; Tips and tricks: An Advance Search tip to encourage MEs to tidy up their Person records, marking those authors without document author roles as Inactive; Interim arrangements for technical support; Job opportunities; Global Evidence Summit; New standard workflows; Welcome and farewell.
  • Issue 6, August: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: policy on the rejection of Cochrane reviews, Cochrane appeals policy; New standard workflows; Tips and Tricks: Editing the footnotes in a Figure created from an analysis in RevMan; Reminder - Copy Edit Support holiday arrangements; Reminder - Global Evidence Summit; Welcome and farewell.
  • Issue 5, July: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: Cochrane review Updates; Cochrane Style Manual update: Cochrane formatting (typography), Website addresses and links; Covidence information updated for new authors; A message from your Executive; Copy-edit Support and ME Support; Tips and Tricks: Super User permissions in Archie, Authors using a group name; New Archie Person record and emails from Join Cochrane; Welcome and farewell.
  • Issue 4, June: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: Reporting search dates in Cochrane reviews, Report on Comments received on Cochrane Reviews in 2016; Cochrane Style Manual update: Symbols and special characters, Upper-case letters; The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) webinar on authorship; Managing Editors Forum; Reminder regarding new MEs and AMEs; CRS web update; Welcome and farewell.
  • Issue 3, April: Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: Review validation checks, CRG Peer Review survey; Cochrane Style Manual update; Archie updates, version v.4.14; Standardized Affiliation Addresses; Feedback/suggestions on Workflow task email templates recently added to Archie; Contact for issues relating to scientific fraud or misconduct; and Duplicate Cochrane accounts created through the Membership Project.
  • Issue 2, March: Copy editing policy, Revised Conflict of Interest Policy for Peer Reviewers (Referees), Updating Classification System, Screening Notes: common issues in Summary of Findings tables and how to address them, Correction on link in last month’s Digest on workflows, Cochrane Methods Training - GRADE & GRADE CERQual, Notification process for changes to Cochrane Groups, Covidence updates webinars, Welcome and other news.
  • Issue 1, February: Republish requests; Standard workflow task emals; Reviews without workflows; Pending, Not Started workflows; Recent changes to Archie, v. 4.13; Queries to the Funding Arbiter; Updating Conflict of Interest declarations in Archie; Tips and Tricks: Email link for LfP forms to authors; Welcome/farewell and other news.


  • Issue 8, December: Check What's new events when republishing reviews; Resolving duplicate person records in Archie; The Reviews and Methods Digest; Transfer Workflow Roles; Managing Editors' Portal; Funding opportunities; Welcome and other news; ME Support over December/January holiday.
  • Issue 7, November: Archie 4.12 What's New; Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update: Explaining Cochrane Review DOIs and URLs, Updating Classification System (UCS), Archie records for deceased authors; New versions of the Licence for Publication forms; Tips and Tricks: the Review Citation Wizard in Archie; Reminder: highlight a review from your CRG in the Cochrane Library; Reminder: instructions for submitting a request to Copy Edit Support; Reminder: results of the Cochrane Review Group peer review survey 2016; Welcome/Farewell and other News.
  • Issue 6, October: Book a session with ME Support in Seoul; ME Support email address; Changes to the open access policy; Changes to the licence for publication forms; CrossCheck webinars available on Training website; Methods Training Event on GRADE, 5-7 December 2016; Tracked changes left in the published review; Welcome/Farewell and other News.
  • Issue 5, September: Spot the difference?; Updating Classification System (UCS); Cochrane Colloquium, Seoul; Resolving duplicates in Archie; A refresher on Conflict of interest (CoI) declarations for Editors; Welcome/Farewell and other News.
  • Issue 4, July: Updating Classification System (UCS); Changes related to the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy (EPPR); Systematic reviews update; Cochrane Style Manual (formerly known as Cochrane Style Guide).
  • Issue 3, June: Did you know…?; Opening a RevMan file with lots of included studies; The Status of Protocols changed to Withdrawn; A few tips when using EPPI-Reviewer; Archie Training server database updated; Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update.
  • Issue 2, February: Summary of Findings Table webinar; Save the date: Cochrane Trainers’ Week virtual conference; Archie Document and Role permissions; Did you know…?; Covidence webinar; Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) update.
  • Issue 1, January: Questions on summary of findings tables; Cochrane Reviews with funding from the National Institute of Health Research (NIH), USA; Translation services available for authors; Archie release 4.11; Plagiarism webinars and survey.


  • Issue 12, December: New advanced searches available in Archie; Christmas factoids; Managing Editor (ME) Support cover over Christmas/New Year.
  • Issue 11, November: Unsigned License for Publication forms delaying publication; Updated sections to the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR).
  • Issue 10, October: Highlighted reviews on the Cochrane Library website; Connection problems logging into Archie; Future planned training days for MEs; New forms available from the Editorial Resources Committee (ERC).
  • Issue 9, September: 2015 Colloquium in Vienna; Workshops for MEs; Cochrane Updating Classification System (UCS): helping readers and editors understand the status of reviews; Peer Review for Cochrane Reviews; Workshop for Managing Editors and Assistant Managing Editors; Cochrane Exchange.
  • Issue 8, August: Vienna Colloquium; What’s New events to select when publishing an updated review; Archie records for Inactive or past contributors; Post-publication issues and queries; Conflict of interest forms for the editorial team; New reference for GRADEpro software; NIH Manuscript submission; The International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) membership.
  • Issue 7, June: What’s New in Archie?; Colloquium early bird registration deadline; Standardising Roles in Archie; Review Group Summary Report; Tip from the User Experience Group (UXG); ‘Get involved’ request suggestion for potential contributors; Communications Network Weekly Digest.
  • Issue 6, January: Update on CrossCheck training; new guide on which 'What's New' events to select when publishing a protocol or review; Archie Training Server; UserVoice feedback widget; Updating Classification System project update; updates to the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource; Becky Gray’s Archie award; posting job opportunities for MEs.


  • Issue 5, September: ME Support at the Colloquium; Changes to ME Support team; Contacting ME Support; MEs’ section of the Cochrane Training website; new plagiarism policy and planned training for CrossCheck; Archie and copy-editors; Cochrane Style Guide update; link to an open access webinar recording; ALPSP webinar on managing editorial outreach and quality in a global environment.

  • Issue 4, June: Archie 4.5 release; RevMan 5.3 public beta version; embargo on publishing Cochrane Reviews between 6 and 10 June; webinars on workflows and other training events; posting copies of Cochrane Reviews to ResearchGate; standardizing the entry of Canadian province data in Archie; and changes to ME Support.

  • Issue 3, March: Training update, including on the training needs assessment; ME Support evaluation; ME Portal update; feedback due on the CRG Structure and Function document; “How to…” reminder; Symbols/special characters in Cicgrabe Reviews; publishing a review as “updated” and “stable”; reminder about including Cochrane Reviews in PubMed Central.

  • Issue 2, January: Archie 4.3 release; changes to licence for publication forms; gold open access for Cochrane Review; reminder about ME Support; ME Support evaluation; training events for MEs; new ME Support posts; The Cochrane Library Technology Roadmap webinars


  • Issue 1, September: Quebec City Colloquium; new ME Support posts; training needs assessment; new policy resources; CEU screening of new intervention reviews; reminder about reviews delayed for publication because of missing licence for publication forms; Archie 4.1