Meetings of the Geographic Groups Directors

The Directors of Cochrane Geographic Groups meet twice a year, during the annual Cochrane Colloquium and during the Cochrane Governance meetings.

Representatives are invited to attend this meeting as follows:

  1. Up to two people from each Centre or Associate may attend the Geographic Group Directors meeting; this should either be the two Co-Directors, or the Director plus an Associate or Deputy or Executive or Assistant Director. If a Director wishes to bring a non-director staff member as their second person, they must inform the Geographic Groups’ Executive before the meeting.
  2. In addition, Directors of Affiliates that are the sole Cochrane representative in a country may attend the meeting. Cochrane Geographic Networks (consisting of several Cochrane entities) may be represented by up to two people in leading positions in these Networks.
  3. If the Director(s) cannot attend then they may nominate a staff member to attend in their place, but they must inform the Geographic Groups' Executive before the meeting.
  4. Permutations not covered above, need the permission of the Geographic Groups’ Executive.

In this section, documents related to the Centre Directors Meetings are listed.

If you have any enquiry, please get in contact with Lorna McAlley (, EA to the CEO at the CEO’s Office.