Geographic Group Reporting

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Group Activity name / title Date Sort ascending
Cochrane Iberoamerica Stay Programme at the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre 31 December 2023
Cochrane Croatia Annual Croatian Cochrane Symposium 9 December 2023
Cochrane Croatia One-day course for librarians on search strategies for Cochrane reviews 8 December 2023
Cochrane France Webinar series for French Science Journalists 24 November 2023
Cochrane Hungary Evidence based healthcare from publichealth perspective workshop 17 November 2023
Cochrane Taiwan 2023 Cochrane Systematic Review Training Workshop 15 November 2023
Cochrane Mexico (Sinaloa's Pediatric Hospital) Nationwide Cochrane Crowd Challenge for medical students 8 November 2023
Cochrane Croatia World Evidence-based healthcare day 2023: communicating evidence 20 October 2023
Cochrane Thailand Introduction to sytematic review and meta-analysis 4 September 2023
Cochrane Ireland Key Steps in A Systematic Review 1 August 2023
Cochrane Taiwan Infectious Diseases Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis Workshop 12 July 2023
Cochrane Croatia New Cochrane systematic review published 1 July 2023
Cochrane Croatia The role of systematic reviews in clinical practice: a one day course for physicians 1 June 2023
Cochrane Taiwan Podcast Competition for Cochrane Library 1 June 2023
Cochrane Croatia Evidence syntheses: scoping reviews 31 May 2023
Cochrane Croatia GRADE working group meeting 24 May 2023
Cochrane France Webinar series - Risk of Bias assessment for Randomized controlled trials using RoB2 16 May 2023
Cochrane Sweden Introduction to Cochrane Methodology: One week course 17 April 2023
Cochrane France Clinical Vignettes project 1 April 2023
Cochrane Iberoamerica Iberoamerican Cochrane Network virtual sessions 22 March 2023
Cochrane Australia Writing a systematic review following Cochrane methods workshop 15 March 2023
Cochrane US (American College of Physicians) Living, Rapid Practice Points and Living, Rapid Review on Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19 10 March 2023
Cochrane Hong Kong Systematic review training workshop 8 March 2023
Cochrane Ireland Introduction to Systematic Reviews 26 January 2023
Cochrane Hong Kong Evidence-based Medicine (Peking) Colloquium cum Cochrane China Network Symposium 14 January 2023
Cochrane Ireland Evidence to Policy 3 January 2023
Cochrane Sweden Cochrane International Mobilities 1 January 2023
Cochrane Sweden Review production and collaboration within reviews 1 January 2023
Cochrane Hong Kong Enhancing knowledge translation through parnerships: An initiative to improve practice regarding nasogastric tube placement verification 1 January 2023
Cochrane Ireland ESI/Cochrane Ireland Fellowship Scheme 1 January 2023
Cochrane Taiwan 2022 East Asia Cochrane Alliance online network meta-analysis workshop 17 August 2022
Cochrane Ireland Communicating with the Public Mentorship 4 July 2022
Cochrane Hong Kong Knowledge Translation Awards 2022 30 May 2022
Cochrane Iberoamerica Spanish translation of Cochrane Evidence Essentials 1 October 2021
Cochrane Iberoamerica Navarra Systematic review 18 November 2020
Cochrane US (American College of Physicians) Living Clinical Guideline and Living Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis on Treatments for Adults with Major Depressive Disorder 7 September 2020
Cochrane Hong Kong Translating PLSs and abstracts of Cochrane reviews 1 January 2019
Cochrane Iberoamerica Spanish translation of Cochrane podcasts
Cochrane Iberoamerica Methodological development and conduct of training activities on the assessment of certainty of evidence according to the GRADE approach
Cochrane Iberoamerica Outreach videos
Cochrane Iberoamerica Spanish platform of Studentes for Best Evidence (ExME)
Cochrane Iberoamerica Keys for critical thinking in health
Cochrane Iberoamerica Communications & KT Group of the Iberoamerican Cochrane Network
Cochrane Iberoamerica Nutrimedia: Scientific evaluation of nutrition messages
Cochrane Iberoamerica Spanish translation and dissemination of blogshots
Cochrane Iberoamerica Cochrane responde: Evidence-based health answers
Cochrane Switzerland Cochrane Q&A platform
Cochrane Iberoamerica Cochrane Iberoamerica Newsletter
Cochrane Iberoamerica News on the Cochrane Iberoamerica website
Cochrane Iberoamerica Spanish translation of abstracts and Plain Language Summaries of Cochrane reviews