Archive of the CIS Support Team Digest

The CIS Support Digest has been discontinued. You can find archived issues of the Digest (2015-2021) below. If you have any queries please contact .

  • Issue 75 (November 2021)
    Process change for Embase CENTRAL records
    Do you know the publication type Registered Reports?
    Upcoming webinar on Information Retrieval for Living Evidence
    December Cochrane Information Specialists’ Journal Club
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 74 (October 2021)
    Editorial Manager for Information Specialists
    CIS Exec Corner
    Webinar recording available
    Information Specialists’ Collaborative Professional Development Webinar
    Items for you reading list
    Staff news
  • Issue 73 (September 2021) 
    Editorial Manager - live demo
    Search peer review guidance (EM)
    CIS virtual coffee break
    CPD webinar
    EIEP update
    CIS Exec Corner
    New deduplicator tool
    Items for your reading list
    Opportunity with Cochrane Heart
    Opportunity with Cochrane ENT
    Staff news - including a new baby!
  • Issue 72i (August 2021)
    Collaborative Information Specialists for CPD webinar
    Call for papers
    CIS Exec Corner
    Cochrane Symposium 2022
    August Journal Club Summary
    Update: Editorial Independence and Efficiency (EIEP) Pilot
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 72 (July 2021)
    New Guided Import of records to the CRS
    Information Specialist tasks and Editorial Manager (EM)
    Editorial Independence and Efficiency project
    CIS Exec Corner
    August Cochrane Information Specialists’ Journal Club
    ICTRP new URL
    CENTRAL content update: KoreaMed
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 71 (June 2021)
    Information Specialist tasks and Editorial Manager (EM)
    Editorial Independence and Efficiency project
    HarmoniSR Guidance – minor update
    Cochrane COVID-19 Study Register – Evaluation
    May Journal Club Summary
    IFLA webinar available
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 70 (May 2021)
    Information Specialists and Editorial Manager
    PICO Search BETA
    Updates to the Cochrane Style Manual
    Chinese literature database searching
    Editorial Integrity and Efficiency Project
    NIHR database of global clinical trials
    CIS Executive Corner
    Reading list
    Staff news
  • Issue 69 (March 2021)
    Helpdesk closure
    ICTRP new application
    ICTRP records in CENTRAL
    Journal Club
    Review group classifiers
    Reading list
    PICO Annotation
    Message from the editor
  • Issue 68 (Feb 2021)
    Article - predatory journals
    InterTASC - Search Filer Resource
    CIS exec Corner
    What's New on RevMan Web
    Archie version numbers and impact on CRS
    Knowledge Translation
    Reading List
    Message from the Editor
  • Issue 67 (Jan 2021)
    Updated Screen4Me reporting guidance
    RevMan Web - what are your barriers?
    MeSH 2021
    February Journal Club
    Recommended article
    Featured article
    A day with IRMG
    Cochrane Style Manual update
    Archie and Revman
    New EMS
    CIS exec corner
    PICO corner
  • Issue 66 (November 2020)
    Featured article
    Video - Information expertise for COVID-19 initiatives
    Updates - Cochrane Handbook and MECIR
    November Journal Club
    CIS Executive Corner and survey reminder
    Hints and Tips from CIS Support
  • Issue 65 (October 2020)
    PubMed legacy site
    ICTRP records in CENTRAL
    Featured article
    Survey on use of automation tools
    Guidance on using Clinical Study Reports in Cochrane Reviews
    Community blog - CIS working together in Networks
    November Journal Club
    Peer review and Cochrane Membership
    Update Classification System
    PICO annotation corner
    CIS Exec. corner
    Articles for your reading list
  • Issue 64 (September 2020)
    Learning Live: a Day with IRMG
    Cochrane's COVID-19 Study Register update
    Cochrane's next strategy
    PRISMA 2020 statement
    Membership points for translators
    CRS Development
    NLM - Request for Information
    What's new on the Cochrane Library demo
    CIS Exec Corner
    CIS Exec Survey
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CIS Journal Club
    Staff changes
  • Issue 63 (August 2020)
    CENTRAL analysis paper
    Access to Covidence
    Cochrane's COVID-19 Study Register - update
    Searching for Clinical Study Reports
    Hints and Tips!
    Helpdesk closure
  • Issue 62 (July 2020)
    Search peer review form - updates
    Style Manual changes
    Webinar - how to organise online learning
    International HTA database relaunch
    CIS Exec Corner
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Q&As from the CIS Helpdesk
    Staff Changes
  • Issue 61 (June 2020)
    ICTRP records missing from CENTRAL
    Automation tools
    EPOC LMIC filter
    Extracting references from a PDF
    Cochrane Training webinar
    May Journal Club - summary and recording
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CIS Executive Corner
    Technology adoption survey - still open
  • Issue 60 (May 2020)
    CINAHL records in CENTRAL
    Summary information retrieval methods research webinars
    Technology adoption survey
    Survey of LILACS use in systematic reviews
    Journal club - Wednesday May 27th
    Blog - search peer review
    Conflict of interest policy workshop
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CIS Executive Corner
  • Issue 59 (March 2020)
    News from the CIS Support Team
    COVID-19 Study Register
    Searching for Clinical Study Reports
    Webinar recordings: Rapid Reviews and Revman Web
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Q&As from the CIS Helpdesk
    Articles for your reading list
    Job opportunity
  • Issue 58 (February 2020)
    COVID-19 - Cochrane response
    Search Peer Review Support Materials on the CIS Portal
    An opportunity to get involved in a new research project
    PICO Annotation Corner
    New updates to MECIR - March 2020
    Cochrane Announces Revised Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content
    Items for your reading list

  • Issue 57 (February 2020)
    CIS Support - Join our Team
    Training event for CIS
    CENTRAL Clean Up
    Message from Chris Champion, People Services Department
    CRS training material audit
    Survey for CRG staff - Cochrane methodological priorities
    New LSR Guidance
    Webinar Recording - Cochrane's EMS
    Webinar - new deduplication features in CRS Web
    CIS Exec Corner
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Two Q&As from the CIS Helpdesk
  • Issue 56 (January 2020)
    NEW CRS training material
    Update: MeSH 2020 in Cochrane Library
    Cochrane Handbook - searching supplement
    Elections - CIS representative, Cochrane Council
    Information Retrieval Training courses
    EUnetHTA methodological guideline on information retrieval (version 2.0)
    What's new on the Cochrane Library Modernization
    CIS Exec Corner
    February Journal Club
    PICO Annotation Corner
    NICE Evidence resources library bulletin
    Cochrane Helpdesk
    Q&As from the CIS Helpdesk
    Featured article
    Articles Archive
  • Issue 55 (December 2019)
    Cochrane Council election
    PRISMA-S - PRISMA Search Reporting Extension
    CRS New Release Webinar
    Virtual Cochrane Colloquium
    ICTRP records in CENTRAL
    Report of the November Journal Club
    Blog - Predatory Journals
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CIS Exec Corner
    Identifiers in references in reviews
    Featured Article
    End of Year CIS Support Team Message
  • Issue 54 (November 2019)
    CRS New release and webinar
    Information Retrieval Methods Group
    CIS wins Chris Silagy Prize
    Cochrane's Virtual Colloquium Announced
    CIS meeting in Santiago
    New HarmoniSR Guidance
    DTA screening article
    Q&As from the CIS help desk
    PICO annotation corner
    Items for your reading list
    SAve the date-training from CIS in EUrope
  • Issue 53 (October 2019)
    Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions, Version 6 - Published
    Searching to support Rapid Reviews
    PICO search BETA launched
    New guide for identifying translators
    RevMan Web Webinar
    News from the CIS Executive
    Cochrane Rapid Reviews - Methods Survey
    Change to the Cochrane Style Guide
    Forthcoming Cochrane Information Specialists Journal Club
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CRG Keywords
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 52 (Sep 2019)
    Cochrane Colloquium, Santiago (22-25 October 2019)
    PICO SearchBeta on the Cochrane Library
    An Updated PubMed is on its Way!
    Why Organizations, Researchers, and Patients Are Falling Prey to Predatory Journals?
    Kopernio - PDF finding tool
    Q&As from the CIS Helpdesk
    August Journal Club
    CIS Executive Corner
    Items for your reading list
    PICO Annotation Corner
  • Issue 51 (August 2019)
    Search Peer Review White Paper
    Prize winning poster at HTAi
    Cochrane Priority Setting Projects
    Cochrane Community Blog
    CIS Executive Corner
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Cochrane Editorial Management System (EMS) Stakeholder Survey
    Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR)
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 50 (July 2019)
    New Quick Reference Guide - search syntax
    Search peer review
    Cochrane's 30 under 30
    Items for your reading list
    August Journal Club
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CRG Network Innovations Funding awarded
  • Issue 49 (June 2019)
     2018 Impact Factor
    CRS Training
    HarmoniSR update
    CRS Development
    Methods research
    Clinical Study Reports Working Group
    Living Evidence Network Webinar - recording available
    Resources for finding trials
    Messages from the Community
    Knowledge Translation mentorship programme
    2019 Cochrane Colloquium, Santiago, Chile
    CIS Executive Meeting
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Who has access to CRS
    Journal Club Update
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 48 (May 2019)
    Appointment of a new Editor in Chief for the Cochrane Library
    PubMed News
    PRISMA-S opportunity to comment
    May journal club
    New CRS training videos
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Exec update
    Council news
    CIS Helpdesk item
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 47 (April 2019)
    New version of CRS released
    New CRS training materials
    WHO ICTRP records added to CENTRAL
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Highlighted resource: IRG newsletter
    Exec news - March meeting round-up
    Items for your reading list
    Team news
    A note from the editor
  • Issue 46 (March 2019)
    New CIS representative on Cochrane Council
    Give us your views on the Support Team!
    Screen4Me: new training materials available
    CIS Journal Club report
    Change of date for publishing records to CENTRAL
    New nursing database (Emcare) available through Ovid
    Training on the new CRS Classifier
    Free peer review webinar from the Knowledge Synthesis Interest Group
    Three new webinars to join in March
    CIS Exec news
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Items for your reading list
    Easter closure dates for the CIS helpdesk
  • Issue 45 (February 2019)
    New CIS representative sought for Cochrane Council
    Editorial Essentials - new from the Cochrane Training team
    PRISMA generator from the Theta Collaborative
    News on the National Guidelines Clearinghouse
    Webinar recordings on Screen4Me and peer review
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Searching for DARE / HTA records
    New article on searching for living systematic reviews
    Q&As from the helpdesk: How can I remove records from an import folder in the CRS?
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 44 (January 2019)
    MeSH headings - new for 2019
    Delay to Embase reload - and new EMTREE headings
    UK and Ireland Symposium, March 21-22
    Cochrane Colloquium, Santiago, Chile
    Conflict of interest policy - your views are needed
    Exec news - would you like to conduct or be involved in information retrieval methods research?
    Update of Cochrane methodology review on full results initially published in abstracts
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Confronting search errors through peer review
    Course - identifying the evidence for systematic reviews
    ​Q&A: will the CENTRAL clean-up mean that I can now merge CENTRAL records in the CRS? and CENTRAL - do we still have to search both?
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 43 (December 2018)
    Adjacency searching in Ovid
    New MEDLINE publication type - systematic reviews
    Archie - tips and tricks
    Peer review webinar
    Cochrane Journal Club report and update
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Exec news
    New webinars from Clarivate Analytics
    Helpdesk Christmas closure dates
  • Issue 42 (November 2018)
    Clean up of CENTRAL underway
    Guidance available for handling retractions in CRS Web
    PICO Annotation Corner 
    Professional development opportunities
    Q&A: Now that records are available in CENTRAL, do I still need to search it separately?
    New paper on peer review
    Robin Featherstone joins the Editorial and Methods Department
  • Issue 41 (October 2018)
    Peer review of search strategies: discussion and resources
    Cochrane Handbook: draft of the new searching chapter now online
    Cochrane Library Editorial on the role of the information specialist
    CIS Exec: call for new members
    WHO ICTRP: minimum standards updated
    IRMG meeting: slides from the Cochrane Colloquium
    Cochrane Council representatives request feedback
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Call for contributors: SuRe Info
    Welcome to Iris Gordon
  • Issue 40 (September 2018)
    Colloquium: highlighted workshops and meetings for Cochrane Information Specialists
    HarmoniSR: guidance on retractions
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Cochrane Library tips
    Update of Grey Matters
    Items for your reading list

  • Issue 39 (August 2018)
    Launch of the new Cochrane Library platform
    CERT Group guidance on publishing to CENTRAL
    Search dates in Cochrane reviews
    Living Systematic Reviews: webinar recording and slides available
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Refresh of the fields in records in the CRS
    MEDLINE segment renamed
    Text mining tools: introduction to text and data mining
    News on the future of the National Guidelines Clearinghouse
    Job vacancies
    Items for your reading list
    Team news: welcome to Anna, (a temporary) goodbye to Sam

  • Issue 38 (July 2018)
    CIS Exec members meet with Network Senior Editors
    CRS new build: weekend of 20/21 July
    Webinar on Managing Searches for Living Systematic Reviews
    Webinar on RevMan Web
    Vivli launches trial data sharing platform
    CIS Survey - help us plan for the Colloquium in Edinburgh
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Items for your reading list
    Staffing of the CIS Support Helpdesk

  • Issue 37 (June 2018)
    New videos and Quick Ref Guides are available on CRS Web
    HarmoniSR and CENTRAL records
    Are you part of the Living Systematic Review Network?
    Introducing PubPeer
    Cochrane KT survey: are you involved in the communication of Cochrane evidence?
    Cochrane Colloquium: the CIS meeting/CRS training, Cochrane prizes
    Journal Club update and EndNote: new filter available
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Items for your reading list
    Team news: welcome to Candida
  • Issue 36 (May 2018)
    A new policy on the maintenance of specialised registers
    Launch of Cochrane's peer review policy
    CRS development
    Discussion on authorship for CISs
    Your Cochrane Council reps...
    PICO Annotation Corner
    Results of the methods survey
    Helpdesk Q&As: why do I get different results from searching the KW field in CENTRAL via Wiley and CENTRAL via CRS Web?
    Helpdesk Q&As: where is the best place to publish module text now that the About Cochrane database has been retired?
    HTAi training events for information specialists
    Training courses in York, UK
    Team news: goodbye to Charlene
  • Issue 35 (April 2018)
    Support Team vacancies and team news
    Cochrane Library – new site available to preview
    How to handle retracted studies in the CRS
    PICO Annotation Corner
    How well is Covidence working for you?
    Cochrane Membership: acknowledging translators
    Editorial Policy and Publication webinars
    Embase webinar recording available
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 34 (March 2018)
    CRS Update – bug reporting, Embase renumbering, training event
    Report on the NICE Information Specialists' Training Day
    Trials Tracker: new from EBM Datalab
    PICO Annotation Corner – guidance, workshops and meetings, how many annotations?
    Journal Club Update
    EndNote Tips: avoiding corrupted libraries and how to back up
    Q&A: should I publish unpublished studies to CENTRAL?
    Items for your reading list
    We’re recruiting – join the team!
  • Issue 33 (February 2018)
    CRS Update – new build features and new training materials
    Changes to the CENTRAL creation details pages
    Changes to date limits in Ovid MEDLINE
    New Cochrane Crowd challenge
    Searching for retractions - tips
    Exec news – survey to prioritize methods topics and new members
    PICO Annotation Update
    Q&A: Do I still have to search, or just CENTRAL?
    Q&A: How are the Classifier scores affected by out-of-scope reviews? Searching and beyond workshop: London
  • Issue 32 (January 2018)
    CRS Update - CRS Build, Copying references/Studies in RevMan
    RevMan Web – updates
    Cochrane Handbook – revised searching chapter is out for consultation
    Exec news – call for new members, NICE training event, thanks to Anna and Farhad
    Publish or Perish
    PICO Annotation Corner – Webinar, Aptara Pilot, Guidance
    Evidence surveillance presentation
    UK Information Specialists Meeting – Oxford
    Articles for your reading list
    Identifying the evidence for systematic reviews – training course
    Support Team update
  • Issue 31 (December 2017)
    Information about search and browse issues in the Cochrane Library
    New version of WHO ICTRP released
    Clarification on CENTRAL and deduplication
    PICO Annotation Corner
    CIS Journal Club update
    York Health Economics Consortium courses
    Items for your reading list
    Exec news: call for new members
    Helpdesk Christmas break arrangements
  • Issue 30 (November 2017)
    How to submit ideas for changes to CRS Web
    Centralised Search Service update – project
    Cochrane Library issues
    Accession numbers in Embase
    Sharing a search in Ovid
    Structure and Function Review: new resources and review group accreditation
    Updates from the CIS Exec: methods topics; knowledge translation strategies
    PICO annotation corner: webinar, Slack and survey
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 29 (October 2017)
    Trials Registers / Regulatory Documents and Searching
    News from the Global Evidence Summit
    Updates to the Style Manual
    Covidence Update
    Items for your reading list
    EAHIL – call for abstracts
    Jobs at Cochrane Common Mental Disorders
  • Issue 28 (September 2017)
    Structure and function of review groups update
    Feedback from the workshop at the Global Evidence Summit
    Enhanced Cochrane Library
    Webinar on PICO Annotator tools
    Predatory journals
    Machine learning
    Cochrane Forums
    Cochrane Information Specialists Journal Club
  • Issue 27 (August 2017)
    Global Evidence Summit: sessions of interest to information specialists
    CRS Update: closure of stand-alone, and CRS search tips
    Updated HarmoniSR guidance
    Launch of the new look CIS Forum
    CIS Exec: a day in the life blog
    Items for your reading list
  • Issue 26 (July 2017)
    CRS Update: new features released, wildcard searching and upcoming webinars
    Information Specialists’ journal club
    Search blocks
    MEDLINE Transpose
    Search filters: what are they good for?
    July reading list: including articles on text mining and crowd sourcing
    Training courses available at York Health Economics Consortium
  • Issue 25 (June 2017)
    CRS Web rollout update
    CRS Webinars for June
    CRS adjacency operators
    Audit of abstracts and summary of findings tables
    The Systematic Review Accelerator
    Wayback Machine
    PubMed Commons blog post
    How to report a CRS search in a Cochrane review
    MECIR standards and DTA reviews
  • Issue 24 (May 2017)
    CRS Update: new ideas
    Global Evidence Summit - workshop and meeting, stipends available
    Training opportunity: webinar on WHO/ATC Drug Classification System
    Professional development opportunity: course on mixed method searching at the University of Leeds, UK
    News from the Exec: Election for CIS Council Representatives, new co-convenor
  • Issue 23 (April 2017)
    CRS New Build
    Update for Ovid users
    Peer review resources
    Horizon scanning and the WHO
    Useful articles and a journal club?
    Searching regulatory databases – guidance
    SRC Methods Library Article Alerts
    Changes to the CIS Support Team
  • Issue 22 (March 2017)
    Overlap between Scopus and other databases
    Update from the Centralised Search Service team on using "date created" to limit searches in Embase
    Problem with the date field in CENTRAL, January 2017 Issue
    Searching CENTRAL by date for review updates
    PICO Annotation guidance
    How to submit a development idea for CRS Web
    Open Trials Beta Testing
    Articles of interest to Cochrane information specialists
  • Issue 21 (February 2017)
    Launch of official partnership between Epistemonikos and Cochrane
    Beta testing of 
    CRS Web Developments
    Training opportunities – PICO webinars, searching workshops in York, UK; Sheffield, UK and Bern, Switzerland
    Happy retirement to Jane Hayes
  • Issue 20 (January 2017)
    CRS Web update
    Open Trials – searching FDA approval documents
    Cochrane Crowd and the citation screening challenge
    New tool for EndNote
    dotdot commands in Ovid
    Campbell Collaboration – request for proposals
    News from the Exec
    New edition of JEAHIL
    Liz Doney leaves CIS Support
  • Issue 19 (December 2016)
    PICO-thon: catch up from Seoul
    CRS Webinars and a face-to-face CRS training opportunity in Oxford
    Cochrane Crowd 48 Hour Screening Challenge
    News from the Exec: Seoul wrap up
    Question from Seoul: dealing with retractions
    Archie update: tips and tricks
    A fresh new look for the Information Specialists’ Portal
  • Issue 18 (November 2016)
    CRS Update – news from Seoul
    Resources – NHS Learning Zone, Trials Register Resource
    Open Trials now available in Beta
    Cochrane Library: DARE and EED update
    Call for papers: Research Synthesis Journal
    Helpdesk Q&A: citing data in the Study Results tab of a record
  • Issue 17 (October 2016)
    CILIP Health Libraries Group Conference 2016
    Updated MECIR standards now available
    New developments in the Cochrane Library
    Useful paper on database searching for SRs
    How do I reference supplementary material in a Cochrane review?
    CRS training in Seoul
  • Issue 16 (September 2016)
    New features coming to Ovid Embase
    Confirmation from Ovid on differences between PubMed and Ovid MEDLINE
    Did you know about SuRe Info?
    Early adopters and CRS Web
  • Issue 15 (August 2016)
    New feature in CRS Web
    Resource for systematic reviewers
    ePub ahead of print now available on Ovid
    CRS Web Training in Seoul
    Do I need to search all sources again for a "top up" search, even if the grey literature searches haven't yielded any studies?
  • Issue 14 (19 July 2016)
    Sharing full text material with authors
    The Updating Classification System
    Survey on training materials for identifying adverse effects
    Article on search strategy formulation
    12th International Congress on Medical Librarianship and the 2017 EAHIL Workshop
    Cochrane Style Guide - new edition
    Template text for protocols
    Text mining webinars
    National Library of Medicine update
  • Issue 13 (23 June 2016)
    HL Wiki
    SRC Methods Library
    MIF project on regulatory data
    MeSH issues - CRSO versus Wiley Cochrane Library
    Text mining webinars
    Q&A - how do I rename a batch in the CRS?
    Save the date: 22nd October 2016 - CRS Web Event
  • Issue 12 (27 May 2016)
    Revising and updating Archie workflows
    Running an Ovid update search from the search box
    Launch of Cochrane Crowd
    Text mining webinars
    CRS Web goes live
    Precision maximising filter in MEDLINE
    Filters for studies concentrating on children
    DisasterLit - free access to database on disaster management
  • Issue 11 (28 April 2016)
    Text mining webinars
    Getting references into RevMan using EndNote and CRS
    Reporting search dates
    Use of CRSO to change CENTRAL records
    Frequency searching in Ovid
    Style Guide reminder
  • Issue 10 (23 March 2016)
    Searching trial registries and trial registry platforms
    Round up from the CRS Web event in Birmingham
    Archie tips and tricks
    Round up from the mailing list (Stop Words and Google Scholar article)
    Checking your Archie roles
    Annual report from the Support Team
  • Issue 9 (22 February 2016)
    PRISMA flow diagram resources
    Retraction Watch and PubChase,
    Helping TSC Support with template text
    Where to get help with translations
    PRESS Checklist updated
    Scopus resources
    Colloquia abstracts
  • Issue 8 (22 January 2016)
    Use of the TSC and CRS discussion forums
    Searching MEDLINE and Ovid EMBASE for review updates: entry dates
    Guidance on searching regulatory databases
    Reporting errors via CRSO and editing records for CENTRAL and CRSO
  • Issue 7 (16 December 2015)
    CRS Web update - third round of testing complete
    Transferring search strategies between different people's accounts
    Plain language summaries and search dates
    Q&A: When should I submit records to CENTRAL in order to be sure they are published in the next edition of the Cochrane Library?
  • Issue 6 (20 November 2015)
    Embase Special Edition - user guides, Embase RCT filter from the Embase Project, scope notes in Embase Ovid.
    HarmoniSR guidance
  • Issue 5 (14 October 2015)
    Searching the internet for grey literature: Google Scholar, Millionshort, CarrotSearch, BASE, DART-Europe, The Deep Web
    Editorial Resources Committee - translation resources, resources for new authors, peer review checklists
  • Issue 4 (8 September 2015)
    Searching grey literature - the HL Wiki resources, Open Grey, Healthcare Management Information Consortium, PsycExtra, dissertations and theses, conference proceedings
    Dealing with duplicates in Ovid databases
  • Issue 3 (20 August 2015)
    Handsearching - the handsearching guide, online training and the Cochrane journals list.
    Q&A: When I don't add field limits in a search of the Cochrane Library, which fields are actually being searched?
  • Issue 2 (31 July 2015)
    Training opportunities - online training for CINAHL, LILACS, Scopus and Web of Science
  • Issue 1 (17 July 2015)
    Training opportunities - online training for PubMed, Ovid and the Cochrane Library