Specialised register

Managing your specialised register

There are a variety of training resources available to help you manage your specialised register with CRS Web.


Best practice guidance for reporting on specialised register maintenance - a document giving guidance on where and how maintenance of a Cochrane specialised register should be reported. The guidance was produced by CIS Support and approved by the CIS Executive.

Videos and quick reference guides

A range of short training CRS videos and PDF Quick Reference Guides produced by the CIS support team.

Webinar and training recordings

Webinar: new deduplication process - February 2020

Webinar: New Layouts - 6th June 2019

Webinar: Retracted Publications (CRS & CENTRAL) - 6th June 2019

Q&A from New Layouts CRS Webinar (various questions including on the Classifier & deduplication - 6th June 2019

Webinar: tracking features from July 2018 CRS release (part 1)

Webinar: tracking features from July 2018 CRS release (part 2)

Webinar features from January 2018 CRS release 

CRS import filters

CRS search syntax

A guide to CRS search syntax.

CENTRAL eligibility

Randomised controlled trials, quasi-randomised controlled trials, controlled before and after studies and interrupted time series are the study designs eligible for publication in CENTRAL. The CERT group have produced guidance on which other reports may be eligible for publication:


The HarmoniSR Guidance for formatting core (or mandatory) fields in reference and study records in the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS)

Cochrane Crowd

Identifying RCTs - Crowd tasks for identifying RCTs

Identifying trials

Identifying trials  - resources for searching for and identifying trials.

Register Exemptions

CRGs will not be granted full exemptions from maintaining specialized registers. However, modification to the traditional model of maintaining a Specialised Register may allow alternative contribution to the collective effort of identifying RCTs where an exemption is requested. For more information see the Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource
Policy & procedure for managing requests from Cochrane Groups for exemption from maintaining a Specialised Register

Last update: Dec 2021