CIS executive

Send your comments, questions or concerns to the Cochrane Information Specialists Executive. Further information about the CIS executive.


CIS Support Team Digest – a monthly newsletter full of news and useful tips (archived contents from 2015-2021)

Cochrane Connect - Cochrane's official external newsletter

Review and Methods Digest - provides information on developments that are related to our reviews, the Cochrane Library, and methodological developments

Discussion lists

There are a number of email discussion lists that you can subscribe to, see below for a comprehensive list. Discussion lists

CIS Meetings

Minutes of meetings

CIS Journal club

Cochrane Information Specialists' journal clubs occur quarterly and are synchronous meetings where facilitators present articles of interest to the IS community in an inclusive forum for knowledge sharing and networking. News about future journal clubs will be shared via the Cochrane Information Specialists' email list. 

CIS Handbook

CIS Handbook - Chapter 9 Information on communication channels for CIS

Getting Support with Cochrane Software

For problems with the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS) that are technical issues: and your query will be forwarded to Metaxis.

For other software enquiries, please send an email to

Last update: Aug 2022