Search peer review


This page presents search peer review resources to support recommendations:

Finding a Peer Reviewer

The Information Specialists Executive White Paper encourages peer review within Cochrane review groups (CRGs) and the 8 CRG Networks. Please contact information specialists within your network to request peer review. If an information specialist cannot be located within your Network, please send a request to the Cochrane Information Specialists' email discussion list

Conducting a Peer Review

An evidence-based checklist or appraisal form, such as the tools developed for the PRESS Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies 2015 Guideline Statement, should be used to focus the review on the key elements of the strategy that are most likely to impact search retrieval. Use of an appraisal form has also been show to reduce the time it takes to conduct search peer review (Relevo and Paynter 2012, Spry et al 2013). 

Recommended tools: 


Peer Review Training Resources & Pilot Report 

The Cochrane Information Specialist Support Team hosted a webinar on peer review of search strategies on 7 February 2019:

The Cochrane Muscloskeletal, Oral, Skin and Sensory (MOSS) Network have been conducting a pilot peer review project during 2018. A report on the pilot is available to download.