Cochrane announces Emeritus awards for seven Coordinating Editors

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Coordinating Editors (Co-Eds) are key leadership figures within Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs), providing technical and content expertise to guide review production and evidence synthesis activities undertaken in their group. In 2020, several Coordinating Editors, who are retiring from their Co-Ed role in Cochrane, have been presented with Emeritus status.

These Co-Eds have dedicated immense time, energy, and commitment to their CRGs over decades. Many are founding members of their Groups, and all have helped to increase the profile of Cochrane in the communities of the topic areas and clinical specialties they represent. They have also contributed unique perspectives and expertise, enhancing global collaboration! They have shared and promoted some of Cochrane’s core values: the importance of quality in evidence synthesis, the need to organize volunteer effort and provide mentorship to younger researchers, and the power of collaborative working.

The strong methods, content, epidemiological, and leadership skills these Coordinating Editors have provided to Cochrane over the time they have led their CRGs will be sorely missed. They have managed their transitions well and ensured continuity of expertise and leadership in their groups, leaving their CRGs in capable hands. We are most grateful to them for their outstanding contributions, and we wish them every success in their future endeavours!

Hear from each of these Coordinating Editors about their contributions to Cochrane and read personal messages from colleagues across the world by clicking on each photo below. Many congratulations and best wishes!

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December 16, 2020