Conflict of interest declarations: Review Groups

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Group Name Roles Updated on
Back and Neck Group Adrian C Traeger Assistant Managing Editor 24 Feb 2021
Antti Malmivaara Editor 12 Apr 2019
Bradley K. Weiner Editor 8 Feb 2017
Christopher G Maher Editor 7 Mar 2021
Diane Horrigan Information Specialist Not submitted
Fiona Russell Managing Editor 15 Feb 2021
George Tomlinson Statistician, Editor Not submitted
Gert Br√łnfort Editor 6 May 2019
Jordi Pardo Pardo Managing Editor 15 Feb 2021
Lara J Maxwell Managing Editor 15 Feb 2021
Mark J Hancock Editor Not submitted
Mark L Schoene Editor, Feedback Editor 23 Feb 2021
Michiel R de Boer Statistician Not submitted
Rachelle Buchbinder Co-ordinating Editor 4 Mar 2021
Renea V Johnston Managing Editor 4 Mar 2021
Roger Chou Editor 2 Mar 2021
Sheila Cyril Assistant Managing Editor 15 Feb 2021
Terry Corbin Editor 2 Apr 2021
Wilco Peul Editor 16 Feb 2021