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Group Name Roles Updated on
Acute Respiratory Infections Group Zohra S Lassi Feedback Editor 29 Jan 2018
Airways Group Christian R Osadnik Editor, Feedback Editor 24 Jan 2019
Anaesthesia Group Jasmin Arrich Editor, Feedback Editor 23 Jan 2019
Back and Neck Group Mark L Schoene Editor, Feedback Editor 04 Mar 2018
Bone, Joint and Muscle Trauma Group Catherine Sherrington Feedback Editor 26 Jan 2019
Breast Cancer Group Brigid E Hickey Feedback Editor, Editor 08 Oct 2019
Childhood Cancer Group Leontien CM Kremer Feedback Editor, Co-ordinating Editor 13 Jun 2014
Colorectal Group Richard L Nelson Editor, Feedback Editor 23 Oct 2019
Common Mental Disorders Group Peter Coventry Editor, Feedback Editor 22 Oct 2019
Consumers and Communication Group Jessica Kaufman Editor, Feedback Editor 08 Oct 2019
Cystic Fibrosis and Genetic Disorders Group Tracey Remmington Managing Editor, Feedback Editor 19 Sep 2019
Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Group Geraldine Macdonald Editor, Feedback Editor, Co-ordinating Editor 22 Sep 2016
Jane A Dennis Feedback Editor 03 Aug 2018
Effective Practice and Organisation of Care Group Martin P Eccles Feedback Editor 11 Mar 2019
Emergency and Critical Care Group Jasmin Arrich Editor, Feedback Editor 23 Jan 2019
ENT Group Martin J Burton Feedback Editor, Co-ordinating Editor 25 Feb 2019
Eyes and Vision Group Richard Wormald Co-ordinating Editor, Feedback Editor 11 Apr 2017
Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer Group Clare Jess Feedback Editor, Managing Editor 24 Jan 2019
Gynaecology and Fertility Group Helen E Nagels Managing Editor, Feedback Editor 31 Jan 2019
Heart Group William E. Cayley Editor, Feedback Editor 21 Jan 2019
Hepato-Biliary Group Christian Gluud Co-ordinating Editor, Feedback Editor 12 Mar 2019
HIV/AIDS Group Olalekan A Uthman Feedback Editor 13 Apr 2018
Hypertension Group Ken Bassett Feedback Editor, Editor 10 Apr 2016
IBD Group John WD McDonald Editor, Feedback Editor 16 Nov 2018
Incontinence Group G Peter Herbison Feedback Editor, Statistician, Editor 23 Jan 2019
Infectious Diseases Group Hellen Gelband Feedback Editor, Editor 06 Feb 2019
Injuries Group Emma Sydenham Editor, Managing Editor, Co-ordinating Editor, Assistant Information Specialist, Feedback Editor 29 Jan 2019
Helen Wakeford Managing Editor, Feedback Editor 31 Jan 2019
Kidney and Transplant Group Elisabeth M Hodson Editor, Feedback Editor 07 Mar 2019
Giovanni FM Strippoli Deputy Co-ordinating Editor, Feedback Editor 09 Apr 2019
Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Group Bernd Richter Editor, Co-ordinating Editor, Feedback Editor 04 Dec 2018
Movement Disorders Group A Peter Moore Feedback Editor, Editor 10 Mar 2016
Musculoskeletal Group Beverley Shea Editor, Feedback Editor 12 Apr 2017
Neonatal Group William McGuire Feedback Editor, Editor, Co-ordinating Editor 03 Sep 2019
Oral Health Group Anne Littlewood Feedback Editor, Information Specialist 23 Jan 2019
Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Group Hayley Barnes Feedback Editor 16 Oct 2019
Pregnancy and Childbirth Group James P Neilson Co-ordinating Editor, Editor, Feedback Editor 29 Jan 2019
Skin Group Urbà González Editor, Feedback Editor 19 May 2019
STI Group Pio Ivan Gomez-Sanchez MD, MSc, FACOG Feedback Editor 19 Aug 2015
Stroke Group Eivind Berge Editor, Feedback Editor 29 Feb 2016
Tobacco Addiction Group Tim Lancaster Feedback Editor 28 Feb 2017
Upper GI and Pancreatic Diseases Group Javier P Gisbert Feedback Editor, Editor 26 Mar 2019
Wounds Group Gill Norman Editor, Feedback Editor 28 Jan 2019