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  • Keeping up-to-date with Cochrane priority setting exercises
    Priority setting is a hot topic in Cochrane!  This is understandable as, in order to be relevant to the needs of our users, Cochrane evidence needs to respond to national, regional, and global health priorities.  However, with the big push towards conducting more priority setting processes across Cochrane, we know it’s difficult to keep up to date…
    July 19 2019
  • Changes to the way Cochrane blogshots are stored
    With the recent launch of the new guidance for producing and translating blogshots we have spent a lot of time thinking about the way dissemination products are stored. Previously, in January 2017, the guidance was that blogshots in English and other languages should be sent to the Knowledge Translation Department where they were stored centrally…
    July 18 2019
  • New TaskExchange updates!
    Hi everyone! Well, we have very exciting news. We’ve just released an update of TaskExchange! We designed the update based on requests from our community. The new features are designed to make the platform easier to use for both task posters and task responders. A few highlights are: Task posters can easily assess applicants' conflicts of…
    July 17 2019
  • Be part of the Cochrane Community stand at the Colloquium
    The Cochrane Community Exhibition Stand has traditionally been a hub of activity and a gathering point for both members and for those new to Cochrane - we want you to be a part of it! Our annual event, the Cochrane Colloquium, brings together members of the community, staff, and newcomers to Cochrane. Amongst the wide range of workshops,…
    July 15 2019
  • The Cochrane Fast-Track Service: Recent successes
    Emma Thomas, Fast-Track Administration Assistant and Helen Wakeford, Fast-Track Managing Editor, share some recent Fast-Track Service successes. We are delighted to announce some recent successes of The Cochrane Fast-Track Service, which provides a rapid ‘journal-like’ editorial process for some of Cochrane’s highest priority reviews. Since the…
    July 15 2019
  • Cochrane Governing Board meeting minutes from April 2019, Krakow now available
    The minutes from the Governing Board’s meeting in Krakow, April 2019, are now available. Governing Board members are Cochrane’s directors and trustees, and are elected to direct the strategy and policies of the organization. Questions about the minutes can be sent to
    July 15 2019
  • Cochrane 2018 Annual Review now available
    Cochrane's 2018 Annual Review is now available for download and dissemination. To find out more about what we achieved in 2018, what's happening across the organization in 2019, and links to share with stakeholders, please view or download a PDF of the Annual Review.  "We’re a knowledge organization built on the capabilities and passion of our…
    July 11 2019
  • Charles Shey Wiysonge
    As well as serving as Director of Cochrane South Africa, Charles Shey Wiysonge is active with WHO work, both on health research in the WHO African Region and advising on immunization guidelines globally. In this interview, he gives an overview of this work. Could you give a quick introduction to yourself and your work within Cochrane? I have…
    July 10 2019
  • TaskExchange Champs: Sheila accesses 450 translators in seconds
    Welcome to the second edition of the TaskExchange Champs series, where we showcase the great people using TaskExchange and how they’re making the most of the platform This month our TaskExchange Community Engagement and Partnerships Manager Emily chatted to Cochrane Information Specialist Sheila Wallace. Sheila talks about how she uses the…
    July 8 2019
  • Cochrane's strategy for improved future editorial management systems
    Cochrane is currently reviewing the editorial management systems used by our editors and authors to prepare Cochrane Reviews, and the other content published in the Cochrane Library. Cochrane uses several editorial management systems (EMS) to manage its content. The primary system used for Cochrane Reviews is Archie, which was developed in-house…
    July 4 2019
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